Thursday, February 18, 2010

And the Winner is!!!!

Tim it was a great bout for Tim with a final score of 15 8 i believe it lasted just over three min. unfortunately Tim will not be going to the ECC's Coach pulled Tim and Timmy aside later and turns out the match was just to save Tim's pride and give him a chance to prove himself. somehow Tim walked away happy but then he had just destroyed Timmy in front of everyone. also turns out in order to get our ECC champions banner we need to finish first during the season. We placed third, so now our only goal is to get one or more big trophy's over the weekend so that our coach has something he can use to back his argument that the fencing team should be practicing in the gym instead of the cafe (his idea not ours) still we all want out of the cafe next year so whatever works. also next weekend is states and we have no idea how they will be deciding that team although the idea of a round robin tournement between the varsity is under consideration they may also go by who had the highest point percentages this year. who knows but i am fencing this weekend so i am excited! =^)

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