Monday, May 31, 2010


for me it has officially begun even though school is still in session. that's because in the last 2 days i have gone biking, gone kayak fishing, caught 6 fish =), sat around a campfire, ate camping food, swum in a pool until the only thing i could smell is chlorine and listened to my relatives talk about people they know. right now i really feel like i could just take a nap, so it's a shame that i still have homework.

Friday, May 28, 2010

Our School Rules Sometimes

hey i just got back from watching the ECC. it was an amazing game. end of the fourth quarter it was tied up 6, 6 and they went into sudden death. Final Score our school 7 East Lyme 6 with just over 36 sec left of the four min overtime!

absolutely fantastic some of our schools goaly (Slade's) catches were amazing! the most impressive was when he had fallen backwards and while still on his but he caught the ball and the guy is only a sophomore apparently!

i really regret not going to more of their games such a different atmosphere from fencing though, i mean you yell at a fencing ref you are done. but at lacrosse games it seems to be the norm. not to say that the refs did not deserve it they were really awful but still

anyway i have no voice to speek off so later.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Great day

i handed in my thesis paper which for some reason everyone now calls term papers no clue why the change. it was a page short but other than that it fits most or all the requirements. so that is a load off of my mind. i think my stress levels dropped within 5 minuets of handing that in. rest of English not so great kept falling asleep for 20 sec intervals. not on purpose, its just the heat & humidity made for a really good sleeping pill.

let me mention something about a normal lunch. "normally" Timmy's little brother Dru pisses me off every lunch on purpose. but today i turned the tied and pissed Dru off. very satisfying to see that smug little bum get frustrated.

kid i hate because he is annoying on purpose got thrown out of medals today for falling asleep so that was also good.

then i decided to hell with homework and basically started goofing off watched Transformers, was awesome, but i kneed to watch it again without my Mom and Brother interrupting the Movie all the time. mostly my Mom though, my brother was pretty good about it this time.

ah well i need to do my homework now but that's OK since i feel relaxed for the first time in weeks.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010


today the temperature peeked at about 100 degrees and the humidity was up there as well. naturally the most disgusting hard to focus day of the year so far is the last day before i have to hand in my thesis paper for English mercifully my basement is at least 15 degrees cooler and the humidity is pretty low down here.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

My house is a sweat shop!

or rather I'm working up a sweat trying to stay cool. the temperature isn't all that bad right now its been in the 70 is range all day but the humidity inside my house is like double or triple the humidity outside right now. no clue why.

anyhow i had to give up on my ceiling fan and use the AC last night and today as well, but even so tomorrow is supposed to be a scorcher. temperature in the 90's or so i keep hearing luckily tomorrow is Hawaiian shirt day at our school so even if it's hot i get to look cool. =) unless you are one of those people who think Hawaiian shirts are ridicules or whatever but i could care less what those people think because Hawaiian shirts are the only clothes i would classify as fun =)

Sunday, May 23, 2010

My Weekend

so basically my weekend went like this

watched Dr. horribles Sing along blog like 3 time because it was awesome despite the name sounding lame.

spent a lot of time on reading "One Piece".

watched my brother play lacrosse, which is always great.

went to my uncle's birthday party and had to spend time around their "friends" some of whom are OK and some of whom are evil people hiding behind a religious veil. if that sounds dramatic I'm sorry but i need to explain that there are at least two very bad things that can happen because of religion, the first is that people who are, not exactly abusive but shall we say, they take excessive physical action in order to make children "behave", the second is that good people can become closed minded and except anyone who is devoutly religious as a good person without looking at there character.

both of those traits were evident at this party. i wont go into the details but i swear if i ever catch that guy in the act of doing anything harmful to my little cousins i will take full advantage of the opportunity and tell him "exactly" what i think of him, and if he gives me an excuse i will flatten that Bastard! Maybe having a teenager beet the living Crap (which i am assuming has replaced his soul) out of him will teach him to play nice with little kids!


this is driving me more insane than usual and i am totally giving myself heartburn all because my aunt and uncle have shitty choices when it comes to friends! Dammit!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Signed Up!

=) it went great we signed up 12 people for next year and when i wasn't recruiting i spent my time fencing Tim. about a third of our recruits are girls so that means there is hope for the girls team yet.

despite that i am not holding my breath just yet. this year we ended up losing about half of our recruits during conditioning but with any luck we won't lose to many of them next year. but i'm borrowing trouble, that is still way off in the future so for now our job is acomplished and that is good enough for me.

why am i not tired?

I finished my thesis paper around 1:40 AM this morning it is basically a page short of what it is supposed to be and it i feel like the whole paper was a pretty much me repeating the same thing over and over again. but i got it done so whatever.

thing was i wasn't really all that tired today go figure, i have no clue how i could possibly get less sleep than normal but wake up and go through the day without falling asleep in class

so bit of an update about freshman orientation i get to fence so i have to bring my gear suit up and fence should be fun also Mandachan let me play some of the state team video on her laptop today. thanks =)

She also showed me the EGE's Spanish project which apparently was a rather small effort on the EGE's part and a large portion Mandachan and Laura's work. it was actually pretty cool, and funny.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Thesis Paper update

I'm still typing, I'm more than half way there. I needed a quick break, a change of gear you know? just let my brain breath some fresh air again, and you know what i have decided something. this is my least favorite thesis paper ever.

who would want to right a 5 page paper about your opinion, and other peoples opinions on a short story? its not even "oh i thought this was a good book because" or "this is what i got out of this story" it's "the author was really trying to make a statement about" and "this character was inspired by" it's ridiculous.

honestly i really want to know who organized the educational system, because i would love to have a discussion with them about what the heck they were thinking when they decided it would be a good idea to make students right papers, based on other peoples papers, which were based on a book. because i am really having a hard time figuring out that concept.

wow i just wasted a lot of time need to get working again

Freshman Orientation

is tomorrow night and i am very excited because Zack, who recorded some of our fencing bouts at State Teams, got his video in to Mr. Juhaz (again i am guessing at the spelling of his name) and we should be playing it on a portable DVD player during freshman orientation so i will finally be able to see what else was going on that day and get a good look at my own bouts! =) Hooray!

not only that but this might be our best chance at recruiting new fencers for next year so fingers crossed for more recruits.

Also I'm procrastinating even more dangerously than usual on a thesis paper deadline which i really should get back to now. later.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010


You know those things you get under your eyes like a lot of dark, purplish, black arks, they go from were your eyes meet your nose down under your eye about an inch or so?

and they alwaise show up when you are tired overworked or constantly agravated?

most people call them bags. I call them school.

Sunday, May 16, 2010


just saw it for the first time today. i missed it when it was in theaters for some school or fencing related reason. anyway it has been added to my list of all time favorite movies.

i can see what the critics were complaining about but i want to tell them to shut up. so what, there was a native American type theme too the movie, the ScyFy behind it was as credible as Hollywood ScyFy can be and the whole thing was breathtaking, in an alien, Dinotopia sort of way. plus i love the big, red, dragon, lizard, pterodactyl thing.

my only complaint is that my Mom and brother either kept missing things and asking questions thereby making me miss things, or making jokes about that one line were they talk about mating. seriously never watch a movie with my Mom and brother they talk right through it.

P.S. want to apologize for atrocious spelling in last post was barely awake at time and forgot to hit spell check. it has all been corrected now.


i woke up at noon yesterday and finished my homework within five min of finishing breakfast (only one English question i did not have time to answer during study)
then proceeded to waste my day and i am still up and still wasting my day even though it is night er morning um whatever. its so nice not having homework on weekends. why is it so rare?

Friday, May 14, 2010

With One Hand Tied Behind His Back

I watched another of my little brother Sean's lacrosse games today they were doing so well (final score 12 to 4) they put my brother on attack. at one point this kid about half Seans height who must have been a middy charges Sean while he was trying to pick up the ball so Sean sticks out one arm and just pushes the kid back with the one arm and the whole time the kid is still trying to run at my brother and it was like my brother was saying "hold on I'll be with you in a sec." =J

absolutely fantastic it was so funny, my sides hurt from laughing and i wasn't the only one, our whole side of the field was in stitches. priceless absolutely priceless that is one of those fond memory's that I'm going to hang onto for a long time.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Two Classics

=J i like violins they are an amazing instrument, and of course you all know how i feel about fencing so yes it is a given that i like this picture a lot. really wish i could see this persons face though.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

May 20th

is freshman orientation and the fencing team will have a table all set up and waiting. Why? because we need freshman on the team more than any other grade. next year the majority of the team will be upper classmen so it would be a good idea to get more people on the team who will not be graduating over the next 2 years.

not to mention that if we can get people started freshman year they will have a hole season more than people joining in sophomore year which means they will have more time to get good.

but also because, well the girls team is tiny. they only have 5 people and that number has a tendency to get reduced do to injury's of the kind that are, somehow, limited to the girls team. So we definitely need more girls on the team, it's always a good idea but now more than ever =J

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

You need to reed this! 5

hey all still no fencing updates other than lack of practice have me, well not out of shape, but certainly not in fencing shape. and with my brothers lacrosse schedule being so busy all USFA tournament options are on hold for the moment.

so i have been taking to my books and i don't mean my school books because those are just boring. so as usual i have found myself turning the pages of one good book after another.

Maximum Ride the Angel Experiment, by James Paterson has been a favorite of mine for a few years now. this book is one never ending adrenaline rush. everything from mad scientists to werewolves, sort of, and genetically recombined life forms.

its a great series my only problems with it are that with each new book the plot line gets farther away from what, in SYFY, passes for borderline believability and moves towards come on you have got to be kidding me ludicrous. mercifully in the latest book in the series Patterson has brought the plot back to basics.

my other problem with the series is that throughout the series Card has developed quite a few loose ends in the plot. stuff that could be developed into critical parts of the plot just gets abandoned never even mentioned again. some of the abilities of the main characters, recombinant life forms that drop of the map forever after just one paragraph. entire groups of sentient beings that just stop being a part of the story after one book.

still worse on at least one occasion the bad guy is never discovered or investigated or anything. and sometimes the villains intent is just completely left in the dark and brushed aside as unimportant. Mr. Patterson now that you have the flock public there is now reason why they wouldn't have thrown your latest villains in jail rather then let him, and it, sit in a freezer for a few hours instead of a prison cell for the rest of their lives.

and I'm sorry but one of the books (don't remember which off the top of my head, but i want to say it was the fourth or fifth book) was almost totally a petition to save the earth. not that i mind that, heck I'm all for it, but in writing it Patterson almost completely abandoned the plot line, which i find inexcusable.

I'm sorry Mr. Patterson but if you don't get your act together this is one series you may end up killing all on your own. and it really would be a shame for that to happen because i really do love the series.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Global Warming my @$$

but wait no not even that!

alright first let me apologize to anyone who three years back or so i argued the validity of global warming with. this dose not mean that i except what we are doing to mother nature as not harmful, it just means that i admit the weather is getting colder not warmer and that global climate change was more accurate a title than global warming.

so yeah if that wasn't clear, i think we are screwing mother nature over and in exchange she is freezing, not warming, my @$$. it is spring and the temperature has been hanging around 70, although it had bounced up to the 80's for a few days a week or two back. we had turned off the heater, understandably.

however yesterday the wind had been a blowing and made it feel like it was 50 something out and this morning i woke up to a house that was around 54 degrees. (heater was turned off, hence the freezing theme) that old saying "don't like the weather in New England? wait five minuets" it is becoming more and more accurate every day.

it is seriously worrisome considering that is just the obvious small results in a harmless area from a weather standpoint. what happens with hurricanes and tornado's how bad or more frequent will that kind of weather become? we are destroying our planet and it is only a matter of time before our planet tries to return the favor.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Stupid Physics Teacher

well huh. i haven't posted since Thursday. normally I'm much better about posting once a day but well you know. so lets see Friday was interesting.

my physics teacher was absent two days in a row so it was an improvement except for the work. he assigned a # of problems from our book for us to do in class on Friday except there were several small problems we haven't used our books in about a month and he did not tell the sub which chapter we should be doing.


we spent the first 15 min of the class trying to figure out which chapter to do and reaffirming the fact that he would fail us all if we chose the wrong chapter. why did it take so long? because there are about half a dozen chapters in that book relating to electricity (the subject we have been "learning" about)

we finally settled on chapter 23 but there was one problem, we did not know how to do any of the problems in chapter 23 or any of the other problems in any of the other chapters relating to electricity for that matter. so i spent half the class taking educated guesses for the problems that required words to answer and writing in 42 (the ultimate answer to life the universe and everything) for the problems that required # answers while leaving the unit of measurement blank.

if we don't all fail that assignment i would be absolutely amazed.

i then went to my brothers lacrosse game they lost but it was a good game and they had a rally towards the end my brother is a defense man and i love watching him, literally, knock the other team off their feet =J what can i say I'm proud of my little brother.

then we rushed back to the high school in time to watch the students who were performing the star wars cabaret, including Laura and my friend Tang walk off the stage. so yeah we missed the hole thing but we did try to get their.

oh and unlike a lot of teenagers i decided to skip Prom this year. Why? because it is awkward i don't like grinding or even watching people grind for that matter. so why spend money to stand around in a freaking tux just to feel uncomfortable when i could be at home relaxing in a pair of shorts and a t-shirt. i guess I'll have to go to the senior prom otherwise i will most likely look back on it some day and regret it but for now I'm content too just stand outside the fire.

if anyone can actually figure out that reference i will be absolutely amazed.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

English, Bored

Writing this post during English to keep from dying of boredom, basically found all required info already on one site so i have nothing to do now, really needed something to do but I did not feel like playing an online game or anything else so I figured why not do a short post.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010


OK so you basically know I live in Connecticut and if you did not you could have figured it out in about in 3 minuets with a few Internet searches. why am I bringing this up well i live about 15-20 minuets from Norwich State Hospital.

now after years of sitting there useless being off limits to basically the entire world which has completely failed to keep out, oh I don't know hundreds of teenagers every year. they finally, finally, let TAPS due an investigation in there and I just finished watching the episode air.

OH MY GOSH! the got a full one hour episode out of the Norwich State Hospital! I have never seen them get a full episode out of one location before. not that I watch all or even most of there episodes but still!

wow talk about some freaky but amazingly cool stuff! i love this kind of freaky stuff but then again you watch some of the other paranormal shows about demonic possessions and stuff and you kind of wonder if it's smart for them to be messing around with those poor (literally) lost souls.

they actually try to PROVOKE the spirits occasionally. call me crazy but I always thought that was pushing there luck.

Monday, May 3, 2010

We Are All Inheriting @#$%

Don't believe me? check out the news sometime. Mexico is going up in flames because of drug wars. the Earth is bleeding oil into the ocean faster than we can cope. Some guy threatened to bomb Time Square.

what the hell kind of planet are we really going to inherit from our parents well from were I'm standing right now it looks to be a pretty shity one.

I have read so many comments left online at Yahoo buzz written by people who are never happy with the government and never will be because it isn't there idea of perfect but you know what? that's how it is. it will never ever be every ones idea of perfect.

but since it can't meet every ones expectations here is a crazy naive idea that any 3 year old could come up with. STOP THE INSANITY

Everything that we need to do we know to do but we haven't done it. why not? because America as a nation, is both fascinated and terrified by change. we love the idea but we don't want to see it take place. sorry Obama, it got you into office but they won't love you for actually trying to accomplish it. (not saying i agree or disagree with everything or anything you want to change just stating a fact)

Mid West get over yourself and start installing solar panels and wind turbines and don't give me that bull @#$% about birds getting hit by the turbines or them being noisy.

Engineers get your heads out of your butts and find an alternative fuel source to gasoline, something that doesn't ruin the earth preferably.

Drug war people in Mexico, is it really worth the money to kill all those innocent people? you are selling your humanity for pieces of paper with numbers on them. it just is not worth it.

Big business owners you are taking advantage of Children! you have moved your company's around the world as country after country have declared underpaying children to do dangerous work illegal what if it was your kid risking getting their arm torn off in a machine for some almost nonexistent pay. how can you sleep at night?!

we all know what we can do to make a better world as individuals, as familys, as nations, as a species. Shouldn't that be enough of a reason? Just do it!

It's like T-ball... with swords

Saturday, May 1, 2010


I'm not even 20 min into the movie Dune and i just want to say i already want to cry from disappointment. they have already omitted, edited, removed, and invented, so many major plot elements that i want to kill the director.

every fight seen was ruined. the knife duels, the force shield duels, the sword duels (they never even said may thy blade chip and shatter!)the Freeman had lazguns which oh yeah they never once used in the book! they absolutely destroyed the concept of the weirding way! all the stuff about the freeman culture was completely removed! the stillsuits had no face masks!

The Harkonans were portrayed as violent idiots! huge chunks of story line just disappeared into thin air! the Guild navigators were done all wrong! they didn't even come close to properly expressing the value of water on Dune! Hell they couldn't even do the ending right! this movie was as far from the book as it could have been while still using the same title. my lord what was the director smoking when he filmed this @#$%!

Never watch this movie! read the book but never, ever, watch this movie.


To the person, group, or organization, that invented the SAT's. You have cursed humanity with your awful creation! I was at school from 7:30 AM until 1:30 PM on a SATURDAY I loath you! @#$%ed college required freaking test. I had to copy some legal paragraph saying I would not break the rules in @#$%ing cursive! I have not used cursive to write anything other than my name since fourth grade when they taught it to us! So that was almost worse than any section of the test. So yeah right now my brain hurts.