Friday, May 28, 2010

Our School Rules Sometimes

hey i just got back from watching the ECC. it was an amazing game. end of the fourth quarter it was tied up 6, 6 and they went into sudden death. Final Score our school 7 East Lyme 6 with just over 36 sec left of the four min overtime!

absolutely fantastic some of our schools goaly (Slade's) catches were amazing! the most impressive was when he had fallen backwards and while still on his but he caught the ball and the guy is only a sophomore apparently!

i really regret not going to more of their games such a different atmosphere from fencing though, i mean you yell at a fencing ref you are done. but at lacrosse games it seems to be the norm. not to say that the refs did not deserve it they were really awful but still

anyway i have no voice to speek off so later.

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