Saturday, July 31, 2010


first impressions with this photo are simply that they look rather fat, not an ideal for fencers, and there footwork is absolutely horrid. oh and obviously they look more than slightly ridiculous.


well i realized that i let myself get out of shape over the first half of summer. so now i am training my ass off, literally and figuratively, so that i can go back to school in good shape and hopefully by the time the fencing season roles around be in the best shape of my life. well that's the plan anyway, but for now I'm just settling for smaller portions at meals and lots of hard work.

Friday, July 30, 2010

old authors

it's sad really, after a certain amount of time books stop getting reprinted, unless they are an undeniable classic. many fine authors have and will continue to fall into anonymity just because there works were printed in years long past. there books just get harder and harder to find

Tuesday, July 27, 2010


is not a sport or at least I can not except it as a sport also I suck at golf. my Grandfather took my brother and I to a driving range today, on a whim, very unusual. anyway I did manage to hit quite a few a fair distance (I think) but I had no consistency or control over direction and on top of that sometimes I would miss the ball altogether probably the dumbest incident was when I somehow managed to hit a golf ball almost straight up so that it actually hit me square in the back coming back down. bottom line golf not something I am aspiring too.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Cartoon Network

Is run by idiots. Cartoon Network flaw is trying to beet Nickelodeon in the appeal to little kids category while also trying to appeal to preteens with that stuff you only show on Friday after 8 o'clock.

Screw that. They need to stop trying to appeal to little kids because they will never beet Nickelodeon at that. Then they need to take it up a notch on this stuff they keep writing for preteens.

The best part of Cartoon Network was Fridays they had violent stuff that appealed to teenagers, stuff with violence, some swearing, and girls that made the guys take notice, and guys that made the girls take notice.

Not anymore. The quality has gone down hill. So I say if Cartoon Network really wanted some good ratings they should play there new stuff during the day and then after like 5 or something they should start playing the good stuff, Naruto, One Piece, dig out the old Zoids episodes, and find any anime of the real popular manga say, Bleach, Fair Tale, any of's top 50 manga that include unrealistic fight scenes.

If they did that there rating's would probably shoot through the roof and I know I'm right about that because manga are popular for a reason and I can't understand why nobody involved in television can't see the connection between manga and anima.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

relating to the "Fencer" from Star Treck

What can I say I havn't had anything to add for a while and this is what I came up with

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Another cool quote from somewhere.

He who does not fear the sword he holds is not worthy of holding a sword.

Nother quote I got from somewhere, don't remember where, which I thought was awsome.

History Channel Alien Visitors Thing

Um wow. Normally this kind of stuff has no proof or anything but the History channel has really outdone themselves they actually have managed to compile some damn convincing/freaky/spooky evidence of aliens visiting the earth in the early days of human culture.

Now I know I have an overly active imagination, but I am a scientist at hart and I take everything with a grain of salt and take care not to get carried away with concepts like this particularly because I am a skeptic of anything this outrageous.

But here is the thing I looked at everything they have said, so far the most convincing thing was some African culture with a legend of their god coming to them from a specific star, which is invisible to the naked eye and basic telescopes oh and did I mention this legend goes back way farther then the discovery of that star by science, which I'm sorry is just plain freaky.

Here is the other convincing part. All these myths they mention go something like this, people who are lacking culture or away of life are visited by people from the sky who then help them, giving them culture, basic technology, stuff like that, (or it's a creation myth). Plus all the little details that make the stuff they are talking about seem actually plausible.

Not saying they are right, not saying they are wrong, but they have compiled some very interesting facts.

Oh and P.S. history Channel get your minds out of the gutter! the chance of a being from another planet, let alone another solar system, being able to successfully reproduce with a human seem uh I don't know like maybe one in say 100,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000!!!! I mean come on! their reproductive system most likely wouldn't even resemble or function like ours do.

Oh and P.P.S. you might want to decide weather you want to depict the aliens as people in space suits or as human looking beings that freely interacted with us earthlings. You went back and forth quite a few times. Again almost no reason to suspect they would strongly resemble us, although there is a theory about how since humanoid worked here it is therefore a successful design and more likely to reach a similar dominance in other planets evolutionary development.

Monday, July 12, 2010

ACT scores are in! =D

I'm going to do some bragging right now. I just got my ACT scores back and my composite (think they mean overall) score is 31 out 36. That really didn't mean much to me when I first looked at it so I decided to take a look at the handy percentage next to it and apparently I did as well or better than 97% of the people in the U.S. That took the ACT! =D (think they mean this year) I am pretty dang proud of myself right now.


right so this is probably the best picture of me from vacation and the coolest thing I have done in a while. My Mom and I went up in a biplane, my brother and uncle did as well, and got a great view of Bar-Harbor, Main. apparently it's were Obama is going on vacation in the near future. which I found kinda cool seeing as we only missed him by a week or so. but back to the flying part it was my first time being in an airplane and man it was awesome I didn't even feel like I was moving! plus the way the fog was rolling over the islands was just so impressive. only downside was that it was really cramped. When i can find the camera again i will put up more pictures & stories but for the moment I'm not sure were it is.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Alternate Reality

Why would anyone think that in an alternate reality there would be another version of yourself? That thought would suggest that every parent, grandparent, and so on in your lineage married or at least had a child with the exact same person as they did in this reality.

Well if that were the case then what the hell is so alternate about that reality? The odds against something like that happening seem astronomically small. So I really don't know why TV shows and movies always portray alternate reality's as having exactly the same people but with different personality's. Come on SYFY writers think outside the box.

Friday, July 9, 2010

I'm Back

pics and stories are coming in the near future until then i have a bit of catching up to do later.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

I'm Gone


and i thought this was too funny not to include

I'm putting my blog on hold for awhile, even though we don't leave till Saturday. I will pick it up again about a week from when we leave.