Monday, July 26, 2010

Cartoon Network

Is run by idiots. Cartoon Network flaw is trying to beet Nickelodeon in the appeal to little kids category while also trying to appeal to preteens with that stuff you only show on Friday after 8 o'clock.

Screw that. They need to stop trying to appeal to little kids because they will never beet Nickelodeon at that. Then they need to take it up a notch on this stuff they keep writing for preteens.

The best part of Cartoon Network was Fridays they had violent stuff that appealed to teenagers, stuff with violence, some swearing, and girls that made the guys take notice, and guys that made the girls take notice.

Not anymore. The quality has gone down hill. So I say if Cartoon Network really wanted some good ratings they should play there new stuff during the day and then after like 5 or something they should start playing the good stuff, Naruto, One Piece, dig out the old Zoids episodes, and find any anime of the real popular manga say, Bleach, Fair Tale, any of's top 50 manga that include unrealistic fight scenes.

If they did that there rating's would probably shoot through the roof and I know I'm right about that because manga are popular for a reason and I can't understand why nobody involved in television can't see the connection between manga and anima.

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