Saturday, February 26, 2011



yeah it's all caps because it's that damn important

Friday, February 25, 2011

disregard the last

coach pulled me aside gave me a pep talk got me all fired up and I stayed, I fenced, I felt better so I'm gonna go take some nyquil and hit the hey so that come 5 am i can get up and go fence my best

well this sucks

you see I have state individuals tomorrow and I'm sick. it's getting better but I'm still sick. if I don't feel better tomorrow I am planning to step down and have Austin fence foil in my place. with any luck he'll be willing to lend me his epee gear.

I still want to compete but I refuse to screw the team over just to satisfy myself, but since I still want to fence farting around with epee is the best compromise in case I'm not feeling better.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

ECC individuals results

hey heads up this is way to long to be worth reading so just look for anything in bold

hey well as much as this pains me to type NFA.......won gahhh man i thinks my fingers or going to fall of from typing that sentence gahh. there girls and guys team won when it came down to however they figure this crap out at the end of the day i think they do it by victories or how far each fencers manages to get not really sure.

anyway my bouts went something like this

out of 5 pool bouts i had 1 lose and three bagels

my first DE did not go as well as it could have but i won it 15 to 9 I think. that was against one of Bacon's fencers.

my next DE was against Christian, also from Bacon. now first let me say his blade work improved immensely. at the end of the first period the score was 8 to 4 in favor of Christian.

so between my coaches and the fact that I really wanted to win I decided to get my act together and pull out 150%. I lowered my stance and focused completely on what I was doing. so by the end of the 2nd period the score was 9 to 9 and the only reason christian got another point was because the ref yellow carded me (already had one yellow card for turning my back, which was bullshit by the way, so the 2nd made it a red card) for having my foot stepped on (great call ref, great call) so into the third and final period I can see Christian is shaken he just gave up five touches in a row without scoring. he looks shaken, un-confidant and tired so I keep pushing almost 3 min later the score is 13 to 12 in my favor there are i think 2 seconds left on the clock.

now right then time froze for a split second and I flashed back to state teams the very last bout from last season. Me vs Christian, I'm leading by only a single point, just seconds left on the clock. he charges me and i drop instantly into a perfect passot de soto (even if i spell it incorrectly) he missed me but my blade went right under his non sword arm meaning the only result of the action was that time ran out and I won.

time starts going again and I know exactly what he is going to do and exactly what I need to do to beet him the director says ready and christian practically jumps at me and the action has to be reset.

now I'm positive my analysis was correct so I'm ready and waiting for him. as soon as the director says fence christian comes running at me arm extended.... and I drop, my back leg shoots out, my front knee buckles for a split second, then on command starts to support me again so that my back knee dose not hit the ground, and all this time my left arm has been hitting the ground to support me and keep me balanced while my right arm has been shooting out.

Christians foil goes right over me and he runs straight into mine. oh man did I ever shout after that one (standard short victory "YEAH" just louder) to quote Coach Aron who made a surprise appearance this Friday and Saturday "it was a textbook passot de soto" so the ref made the call I was awarded the touch and time was up.

Bacon's coach started shouting from the sidelines saying that the touch was invalid and that I should be carded. (oh boy was he ever pissed) I didn't even give the ref the chance to respond, I shouted back "no my knee didn't hit the floor and you're allowed three points of contact" (points of contact with the floor that is)(I later found out that Bronwin had ecod my statement from the crowd) then the ref responded that what I had done was and I qoute "a perfectly legal move" and that it didn't matter anyway because time had run out.

so final score 14 to 12 I brought the bout to time had an amazing comeback told off the other teams coach without getting in trouble, and beet one of my biggest rivals in a better than last time deja vou moment.

then I lost my last bout to someone from NFA who eventually took forth. nothing i could do about it, his style just happens to be a style which i don't do well against. see there are two ways to win a fencing match one have amazing skill speed and endurance or two it can be like a game of rock paper scissors where one beets out the other.

so my final standing turned out to be 7th! I'm the 7th best male fencer in the eastern Connecticut conference! take that I said it before and now I've proved it I am one of the top 10 in the ECC's!

Kevin took 2nd he lost the final bout against Cooper but still it was a tremendous bout

Tim and Austin ruined my statement that our guys varsity were all easily in the top 10 by coming in bellow the top 10 oh well there loss not mine

also because Tim fenced like crap yesterday I won the 2nd round of the bagel contest 3 zip so I get a free bagel!

I did prove Mr. Predictions wrong almost single handedly by knocking out two of Bacons four Fencers and ending there chances of an overall victory

Bronwin took 3rd in the girls division way to go Bronwin

and my girlfriend Sara who is this blogs newest reader put up a terrific fight and lost a close bout in her first DE and despite her insisting that she didn't do good enough i still say she did great and that several of the refs calls were a load of crap because I know a parry repost when i see one.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

ECC Individuals

they are coming up this Saturday and I have never felt this exited before in my life I know the I'm easily one of the top 10 in the ECC's and this Saturday is my chance to prove it.

right now my body is sitting at my desk looking at the computer monitor. but my mind is miles away and a day and a half ahead of me at the ECC's looking out of my mask with the box almost out of my field of vision. I'm calm and confidant, I can see my opponents face struggling to control the emotion, the sense of defeat. I'm shouting out my triumph after every touch. I'm pulling off difficult moves flawlessly. I am the in the zone, or as Miyamoto Musashi would say my mind is the void out of which flows the correct response for every situation

that is where I am now

Thursday, February 10, 2011


sorry I haven't posted lately but my computer is in the shop and I haven't had a lot of time to get stuff done so I'm posting from school to give a small update. we have an unusual meet this weekend it's a home meet and we are going to make a bunch of mismatch teems by taking one fencer from each teem for one of our franken teems. should be interesting.

next week is ECC individuals. the week after is state individuals. then state individuals. and finally at some later date we have the banquet.

so right now the season is winding down to every ones feeling of both relief and regret.