Friday, April 30, 2010

Day without my Meds

yeah I'm bad enough ADD that i take meds and today i could not get my meds because i ran out and had not gotten my prescription filed so it was a slightly interesting day

things to look for when i 'm not on my meds 1) shorter attention span (hard to tell because even when i get my meds it is still pretty dang short) 2) i have less tolerance for stupidity, idiocy and am more apt to be vocal about it 3)generally increased emotional responses

so how did it turn out well why don't i start by mentioning the most annoying jackass in any of my classes, Josh. and oh yeah he is in 4 of my 5 classes and sits near me at lunch (gahh man i hate him)

anyway he is completely annoying in English he trys to take everything literally he is always making references to family guy and for some reason he THINKS he is funny. well during English today he was talking while the teacher was talking AGAIN AND AGAIN AND AGAIN and i got fed up with it and told him to shut up. his response, "you shut up four eyes". bwahahaha so i said "what your a junior in high school and the best you can come up with is four eyes?!" bwahahahah oh man if that is all he can come up with he is worse off than i thought.

then at lunch when i was talking with Ben who is shall we say vertically challenged Josh who really annoys all of us said "hey Matt I'll give you 20 bucks to ride that midget" first i don't know why he was talking to me at all & this was not the first time he had said that (retarded jackass statement which by the way makes absolutly no sense to me) now with out my normal instinct to avoid conflicts of any kind i first told him that if he ever made fun of Ben again i would report him to the office plus some other non-specific insults that sounded very good.

then he started insulting fencing so i very edgily pointed out that his only sport is sitting on his you know what playing video games and that he is sitting at a table maid entirely up of people who know how to sword fight and that he is insulting our sport so he can shut up or leave. he then muttered that in his opinion fencing was not a sport but i think he got the point because that was the last i heard out of him.

so you know what I'm really considering taking my meds less often if this is the standard of what a day without them is like

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

win but not really

well i have the house to myself and that means the TV and X-box as well. but my one month X-box live free trial ended TODAY so no X-box live but i did figure out how to play Netflix on the TV through the X-box which i can do thanks to my brothers account, which has not expired. so i guess its ok

Monday, April 26, 2010

Sunday, April 25, 2010


this is my true feelings about Homework. you see the fact of the matter is that teenagers, namely ADD teenagers like myself, are very easy to distract. I get distracted during the middle of the day at school. so how the heck do teachers expect people to focus on work when they are at home with all the wonderful distractions of computers, video games, TV, book, music, ect.

I mean lets face it the point of going to school is to learn, therefore when we leave school we should be returning to our personal interests. in my case that would be fencing.

the point is that homework is in itself a contradiction of terms when a person is at home the only work a person should have to do is laundry, dishes, mowing the lawn and any other jobs vital to keeping their house from becoming a mess.

honestly i would rather have a longer school day and no homework than have homework to bring back with me every day.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Fencing Fact: 15


fencing meets or tournaments are one of the few sporting events were you can leave your valuables (money i-pod cellphone ect.) unattended and not worry about them being stolen.

Friday, April 23, 2010


guess what i have Internet in access from the hammock in my front yard so now i can get away from my brother, who is playing call of duty, which of course means yelling at the TV every time he dies or every 3 seconds if he is playing with friends, enjoy the Internet until my battery dies and chill in a hammock all at once this is great! =^)

Thursday, April 22, 2010


... topics that i guarantee will start a less than friendly debate, when people are not of the same opinions.




and the worth of scientific research.

don't believe me? check out yahoo buzz. you'll see what i mean pretty quick. the ignorant may have a life of bliss but it sure makes things frustrating for the rest of us.


i hate people who think it is fun to be annoying. they slow progress and create mentally inhibiting clouds of frustration in those they intentionally annoy.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010


today i went for a bike ride, saw an amazing pre-sunset sky that looked like a painting, finished my homework at 8:30 forgot to watch crazy alien conspiracy theorist thing on history channel which sounded like it would be really funny, it was on at 8 and i remembered around 9. played video games, felt sick, felt better and i am now going to bed because being tired sucks. night.

Monday, April 19, 2010


what the heck, sword fighting monkeys don't even rate an animal rights protest comment? oh well this is kind of a pointless post to say that i procrastinated on homework and am now working like crazy to finish everything, again. also since i mention homework and procrastination a lot often in the same sentence i am going to have to do a post about my exact feeling's towards homework at some point but not now because i have already wasted too much time.

Friday, April 16, 2010

Stargate Universe is back!

stargate universe is back with new episodes! but i have missed one or two and am now behind on the story line =( but that's alright i have the general idea of what i missed and it looks like i only missed one or two episodes so i am still able to follow what's happening. it might just be me but i think SYFY's writers have improved since the days of SG-1

Finally a Good Card

No i do not play magic the gathering. i found this doing another one of my fencing image searches the reason i am including it is for the quote, which may or may not be a real quote, at the bottom of the card.

"the first blow is the most important, it often negates the need for a second."

it is well stated so i decided to add it to the blog

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Doctor Who

The Doctor, The Coming Storm, The Lonely God, The Wanderer, The Last of the Time Lords.

i have watched many, many, SciFy shows over the years. stargate SG-1, Stargate Atlantis, Stargate Universe, Sanctuary, Firefly, Primeval, that knockoff of star trek that SYFY did a few years back called Star Trek Enterprise (the only star trek reference in the new movie i actually noticed came from that show) not to mention countless crappy Saturday morning kids shows from way back when i actually got up early on Saturdays for something other than fencing.

but out of all of those shows one show still stands tall as the unrivalled champion of science fiction in my mind and not just of science fiction but of television in general. i am sorry to admit it but the BBC has American television beet hands down in my book. and what you ask could possibly be better than these fan cult favorites?

well it is all in the title "Doctor Who" marching into battle against the hordes of the universe with nothing but his sonic screwdriver. whizzing through time and space in his TARDIS, better known as the blue box. i admit firefly is awesome but Doctor Who is Fantastic. =^) now stop reading and go check it out, believe me you wont regret it.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Fake Foil

i found this online and could not stop laughing the whole time i read it. maybe the EGE will use these directions to replase his fake katana.

"Here are a few steps towards building a fake fencing sword.

Step 1 Go to the automobile junk yard and find a loose car antenna. These make excellent blades for your fake fencing sword because of their ideal length and flexibility.

Step 2 Buy a school eraser and some super glue. Even though the fencing sword is going to be a fake, you'll need to have a safety tip on the end of the blade so that someone doesn't accidentally become injured.

Step 3 Find a large candle holder to serve as the sword's grip. These items are ideal because they provide a natural repository for the blade and are easy to hold.

Step 4 Seat the blade in the candle holder and secure it with super glue. Make sure the blade is firmly attached and will not wiggle free when it is picked up.

Step 5 Move the sword gently from its place once the glue has had sufficient time to dry. Even though your fake fencing sword may be fun to look at, it is not the same thing as a crafted piece."

haha they forgot about the bell gaurd =^)

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

the fencing pic i promised

Austin and I after the tournament me with my second place medal and Austin with the "i want to be somewhere else" look on his face

kayaking pic's I promised

from left to right myself and the EGE
from left to right my brothers friend my brother and i

the EGE

Monday, April 12, 2010

Fortune Cookie

add "in bed" to the end of any fortune cookie and supposedly it will be hilarious this is most often true and makes me feel sorry for Buddha. here is what my fortune cookie said.

"What are you waiting for? Start moving now........IN BED"


Sunday, April 11, 2010

Everything Hurts

i lied you will have to wait for my post about fortune cookies so deal. today takes precedence.

Austin and I spent the Day at Trinity college. there were 11 foil fencers 2 strips and 0 qualified refs. I got up at 10:30 we left at 12:00, we got there at 1:30 we left there at 7:30 it was so SLOW an 11 fencer tournament should not take 6 hours!

about half the competitors were college students. which was interesting. there was this lady who was constantly butting into matches, telling the refs what they were doing wrong, and she really seemed to hate me! =( i eventually told her off because i was absolutely sick of listening to this lady bitch about how all my points were really the other fencers, and i am convinced she was mostly wrong.

so my physical state right now is crap my knee got stabbed hard and it now hurts to walk. i have 7 new red marks on my legs from were i got stabbed and for some weird reason it hurts to laugh right now. i did not take 1st and therefore did not get ranked even though i probably earned it. but i came pretty @#$% close i got 2nd place! =^D (nice shiny medal and everything) that C rank guy beet me in the final bout but all things considered i thought it was a great bout! for the first three minuets we were going point for point but then after the break i just couldn't keep it together. the final score me 9, C ranked guy 15!

last time i fenced a C rank i only scored 4 points so as far as I'm concerned today was a win even though we only got home at 10 and i am beaten battered and bruised i have a stomach full of seafood from red lobster and a medal to hang on my shelf so today is a win. =) i will get ranked one of these days i just need a tournament without any D or C ranked fencers to get in my way.

Austin also did well he placed 5th

oh and some of the college fencers invited Austin and i to join there 4 person team for a team competition on the 19th, may or may not go depending on when it starts and ends because we have school the next day but still =^)

i will try and be motivated to post pics tomorrow but it has been a long day and i need about 12 hours of sleep so goodnight

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Spring Break Fever

no I'm not extra excited about spring break i literally had a fever or at least a cold that is, and it came at the worst possible time. i woke up Friday with a stuffy nose but then as the day went on it got progressively worse i went to bed at 10:30 and probably could have gone to bed around 9 which is shocking considering that i went to bed out of exhaustion and i usually don't go to bed until 11:30 or 12:00. i got around 11 hours of sleep last night but i have been fighting exhaustion all day.

the thing that makes this the worst possible time for it was because Friday was the one day i could not possibly have missed school because i had two tests and tomorrow i have a fencing tournament which i may end up doing poorly at because i am still really tired and as of right now there are 10 people preregistered including myself and a "C" rank. so odds are i will not be getting ranked tomorrow but i will be going to go bed early tonight so that i may or may not still be exhausted at 7 when i get up tomorrow. also you should look forward to my next post its about fortune cookies. =^)

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Banquet part 2

New girls captain: Erin. this is rather surprising to say the least. next year she will only be able to attend Friday practices, unless her legs make a miraculous recovery. do to the new rule which is mostly because of her ability to distract the other girls and Kevin from what they should be doing whenever she is sitting down.

New Guys/overall Captain: Austin: well i can't say i didn't see it coming I am still slightly disappointed but he will do a good job and besides which i still intend to teach whatever newbies we get next year everything i can.

Awards for the year well i don't really care to go over everything everyone was awarded so I'm doing my own awards ceremony right now.

Kylie: trooper award! for fencing for about a month with broken fingers and saving the girls varsity team on more than one occasion from being eliminated.

Colin, Zack: the cocky award! for your undying belief that next year you will make varsity i really do appreciate your enthusiasm but i will keep my opinion on your odds to myself.

Ben: infighting award!

Rob: uncanny ability to be very quite award!

Kevin: Terrible singing award! cocky award! empty headed award! unintentionally setting up amazing that's what she said jokes for the rest of us to make award!

Bronwin: violence award!

Erin: Distraction award!

Sarah D: Vengeance award! for finally becoming an offensive fencer!

Drew: What did you spend the season doing award?!

Timmy: Voice of reason and Sanity award!

Tim: Pervy jokes award! & the finally asked her out after 3 weeks of her hanging around to watch you practice award!

Sarah W: talking like a 5 year old to make everyone laugh award!

Andrew: linked at the seat award! for always sitting down next to Erin during practice when you should have been fencing

Austin: the came back home, got knocked down, got back up, dusted yourself off, then came out swinging award! for the full story read some of my earlier post about my varsity showdown with Austin.

Patrick: Insanity award! i have saved the best for last. Patrick held off challenging Timmy for two weeks leaving him only one chance to make varsity. he lost after what started as a terrific bout and then fell apart after 9-9. you practically drove me insane with your numerous complaints. you swore you were going to quit the team on more then one occasion. and yet despite the fact that you never fenced varsity you still out of the blue got your letter this year. =^) I really am happy for you Pat just incredible confused =^? and arguing whether or not its right for you to have your letter while simultaneously thinking hurray we really did both get our letters this year. so I'm not sure were i stand on this just yet but since you were as shocked as i was i guess i wont hold it against you ;)

i feel like it would be wrong to give my self an award so brief outline of season from my point of view. beat Patrick for my varsity spot in an incredibly tense bout. beat Austin to retain my varsity spot. fenced varsity at every meet, went to ECC's, States, and won the final amazing, dare i say fantastic, win at state teams to secure the fifth place spot for guys varsity. got my letter, a nice little pin to go with the letter, a cool medal that everyone got, and more confidence than the guy in those really annoying male enhancement commercials, i am now a USFA fencer and i am working towards getting ranked.

Coach Floyd: Words of Wisdom Award! you always know what to say to best motivate the team and always give good advice

Coach Aron: Basics Award! you always manage to pound the basics into the new guys and you do it early enough in the season that they have time to develop there own technique.

Coach/Armorer Ashly: Fix it Award! for keeping the every ones gear in a usable state for the whole season.

Coach Juhas: (sry the spelling is probably off but i know it starts with a J and that's the best i could do sounding it out) the support award you came to every event you could attend and were always very supportive of us. for which, i at least, am very grateful.

highlights for me tonight (not all good). on the slide show they had playing one of the slides was my blogs title and header. i have no idea were whoever made the slide show got it, because as far as i know only Pat ever read my blog, but i intend to find out. then here is the crappy highlight they had a bunch of Styrofoam swords and we had a free for all fight in the cafe and i retreated into and over one of Ben's little brothers. he then hit his head on the floor, hard, as a result which means i feel awful. i was retreating and he was behind me and i didn't see him and well i feel like @#$% about it. final highlight my Mom's quilt got auctioned off for $60.

Banquet =^D!!!!!

Hooray! the fencing banquet is tonight from 6 to 9 which means I am actually starting my homework at what most would consider a normal hour of the day today. Why the heck they would schedule it for a Thursday this close to spring break is beyond me. =^? Not that I mind, its just out of the ordinary is all.

So by the end of the night I will have my varsity letter and we will have two new team Captains all of which I am very excited about! =^D I will report back all the details when I get home later tonight.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

I'm wasting time again.

firefly, i finished the entire season in two days which says a lot for how easily i get and then stay off topic, although it also says a lot for the show. which leads me to my next statement. Laura you weren't kidding they really did cut the show short and leave it hanging.

but i also wouldn't worry if i know anything about Hollywood it's that they can't come up with an original idea to save there life. give it 10 or 20 years and it could reemerge the next Star Trek, which is supposed to be the next Star Wars. now that Spock has a personality that might even be possible. but only if the next Star Trek movie includes dog fights and more shooting, maybe if they had to take a fortress or something.

anyway i need sleep if I'm going to make sense of physics tomorrow and i need to do that if I want to pass the test on Friday. so night everyone.

Theoretical Physics

well thankfully our physics teacher rescinded his test order and we will only be tested on ch.6 not ch.6 and 8 which we will be starting on tomorrow, the day before our test.

however i want to make a few points clear i have a decent understanding of Einstein's theory of gravity i may not know how to do the math behind it but i understand the concept and i may well be the only one in my class who dose despite that i find myself struggling through most of our homework and Getting high marks on all the quizzes and tests. the reason being that only when we get something wrong does he finally explain how to do it.

that is the basis of our schools too theoretical physics concepts. the first being the theory that our teacher knows what he is talking about, and the second being that he knows how to teach. however as i have learned in the past many theories tend to be incorrect. this is even more true of assumptions which is what i believe the school board made when they hired our physics teacher.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Damit Laura

well i have oficialy been hooked on firefly. sigh. as much as i don't need another destraction but that is exactly what I've got. gun fights, fist fights, bar fights and even sword fights, yet despite all that there is still honor and science fiction.

now why can't SYFY come up with stuff like that not to say what they come up with isn't fantastick, but this is a different bread of fantastick.

Fencers Quilt

so this Thursday is our fencing banquet which means i will be receiving the varsity letter that i have been chasing after these past two seasons. =^D everyone is supposed to bring in either a raffle basket our a $20 donation but my Mom decided to break the mold and is sewing a quilt to raffle off. it is a silhouette of the picture i attached to this post on a really nice greenish background that i am having a hard time describing. it looks awesome and i can't wait to see every ones reactions to my Mom's quilt but don't you dare tell anyone on the team it would ruin the surprise.

oh and on an unrelated random note Firefly has been added to the list of movies people can watch instantly on Netflix which means i will probably waste at aleast an hour finding out just how good the show was.

Monday, April 5, 2010

I stand corrected and pissed

great i was excited that i might be able to get ranked on Sunday but the hopes of that are now dashed. a C ranked fencer preregistered today. my chances of winning just sank to around 10% or lower. just @#$% fantastic there goes that hope but you never know the C rank could get in a car wreck our come down with Mano like Kevin.

which reminds me Kevin did not change schools he was sick with Mano for the past two weeks.

whats on my mind.

my neighbor looks like a short prep school barbie and that is basically what she is.

i want to know if my Internet will work from the hammock in my front yard but the battery needs to recharge.

people should not insult fencing in front of me, doing so could be detrimental to their health.

if not for homework school would be not only tolerable but enjoyable.

sleep is a huge waste of time but like my computer i need to recharge my batteries

Yankee fans always get defensive after the Yankees lose to the RedSox

it looks like unless I get most if not all of the girls votes i don't stand a chance of becoming captain but this Sunday i have approximately a 70 30 chance to beet Austin and a 60 40 chance to become an E ranked fencer so fairs fair right?

Doctor Who is the Star Treck of the BBC, and whats more it is way cooler much funier and even the oldest ones have better acters. it goes all the way back to black and white.

i have been wathcing the BBC's recent additions to the saga but latly i have been going back to try and get the whole story from start to finish only problem being that doing so means organizing cronologicaly all the videos on netflix that relate to doctor who and they don't have all of them. i know for a fact they are missing at least one of the more recant movies.

look even if you don't go back to the beggining with this series take the time to check out some of the recently made ones it is a really fantastick show.

Sunday, April 4, 2010


well yesterday was great. we went over to my aunts house around well i don't really know what time it was but it was light out for several hours after that so we spent that time rocking out at the top of our lungs and running around helping my aunt to get everything ready. then my cousin kyle and my other aunt and uncle and my good grandfather showed up around 6 and we ate dinner my aunt maid this amazing ham and i stuffed my face in true teenager fashion.

then we played pitch this awesome card game that probably goes by a dozen other names we had three teams of two my cousin Kyle and I were one team my aunt Cristine and my uncle Kevin were another and my Mom and aunt Debi were the third. my Mom and Aunt Debbie finished in the negative numbers. kyle and i had a hot streak at the start of the game but finished with nine points and my uncle Kevin and aunt Cristine won the game after exceeding the 21 points required to win. the game lasted to 11.

after that we watched the office until maybe one in the morning. my brother and i hid Easter eggs all over the place and had fun coming up with insane places to hide them. we all passed out on our appointed couch or bed and woke up this morning to watch Jonathan and Jackson scramble to find all the eggs. which even though it is now 2 o'clock they still haven't found them all. so yeah id say it has been a good 2 days. =^)

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Danger this picture may couse eyes to fall out of sockets

OK for any guys reading this slip your eyes back in your sockets this is picture is pretty dang cool, but let me start picking apart all the problems with it. for starters they would never let anyone fence in those clothes they would get so badly bruised. second she would definitely need a chest protector. third she is holding two swords and we only ever yous one. one of them is a saber and the other is an epee. by the way she is definitely holding that epee wrong. and could somebody please tell me what the heck she has on her arms there because i have no clue what that's supposed to be. and why the heck is she wearing a hood over her helmet?

skunk removol update

have caught one P.O. possum. skunk smell is still present, need a tear gas bomb to give skunk taste of his own medicine.

Friday, April 2, 2010

Cool Fencing Pic

well here's the deal I really stopped caring about going through the hassle of getting the kayaking pics of my moms camera halfway through the day so I decided to post this thing instead. now point of interest, too me at least, is that despite the fact that what they are obviously alluding to is a light saber dual the fencers in the photo are fencing foil not sabre. I know I'm a kill joy, nit picker, so sue me. it's not like I'm denying that it's a cool pic or something.

Good Friday

well i stayed up till one last night playing video games. i was then woken up first at 7 o'clock and then again at 8 o'clock by that aggravating duo of Sun in my eyes and birds in my ears. realising that i was getting no sleep fast i crawled out of bed with the plan to be tired all day then go to bed early. that may or may happen.

now because i know it will embarrass them to no end, happy one year anniversary mandachan, EGE! =^) or wait is that tommarow? oh well either way, one year without killing one another or splitting up. quite an accomplishment for high school. so congratulations!

oh and since i have the whole day of the pics of my kayaking trip to the middle school with the EGE, my brother, and my brothers friend, will be posted later today.

Thursday, April 1, 2010


our backyard consists of a wooded area in which lots of animals can and most likely do live. on the list of possible fury neighbors are skunks which i have been smelling all afternoon. my Mom believes, and i am inclined to agree, that the skunk or skunks, were most likely displaced by the resent storm and have moved into or under our shed so tomorrows list of activities will include locating and setting up the have a heart trap and trying (in vane) to convince my Mom that re-locating skunks is not a big deal, and that she really is getting all worked up over nothing.


hey i have been going to bed at midnight all week so i am tired. which i have only myself to blame for unfortunately because i like being able to blame it on school. the fencing banquet is only a week away and anticipation is rising as well as several other emotions. the anticipation part is about who will be our next captain. right now as near as any one can figure the outcome is up in the air the new guys captain could be Tim Kevin Austin or yours truly.

Austin and I have a good chance for the same reason we both want to see everyone improve and are good leaders. Tim has a good chance because he is on good terms with most of the team. and Kevin stands a chance because the votes are so divided. so the guys captain is up in the air.

I'm not sure who the girls captain will be either but i am reasonably sure it won't be Erin she is to bossy about stuff that she should just let be. and on top of that she will only be allowed to practice on Friday unless her legs seriously improve. so the odds are against her.

um here is something interesting i heard from Tim. Kevin, our resident idiot and best fencer, may, no longer be attending our school. this would be great for my sanity but horrible for the team. he is like our safety net if for whatever reason something goes horribly wrong he is the one we can rely on to keep us from altogether losing.