Wednesday, April 7, 2010

I'm wasting time again.

firefly, i finished the entire season in two days which says a lot for how easily i get and then stay off topic, although it also says a lot for the show. which leads me to my next statement. Laura you weren't kidding they really did cut the show short and leave it hanging.

but i also wouldn't worry if i know anything about Hollywood it's that they can't come up with an original idea to save there life. give it 10 or 20 years and it could reemerge the next Star Trek, which is supposed to be the next Star Wars. now that Spock has a personality that might even be possible. but only if the next Star Trek movie includes dog fights and more shooting, maybe if they had to take a fortress or something.

anyway i need sleep if I'm going to make sense of physics tomorrow and i need to do that if I want to pass the test on Friday. so night everyone.

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