Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Theoretical Physics

well thankfully our physics teacher rescinded his test order and we will only be tested on ch.6 not ch.6 and 8 which we will be starting on tomorrow, the day before our test.

however i want to make a few points clear i have a decent understanding of Einstein's theory of gravity i may not know how to do the math behind it but i understand the concept and i may well be the only one in my class who dose despite that i find myself struggling through most of our homework and Getting high marks on all the quizzes and tests. the reason being that only when we get something wrong does he finally explain how to do it.

that is the basis of our schools too theoretical physics concepts. the first being the theory that our teacher knows what he is talking about, and the second being that he knows how to teach. however as i have learned in the past many theories tend to be incorrect. this is even more true of assumptions which is what i believe the school board made when they hired our physics teacher.

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