Monday, April 5, 2010

whats on my mind.

my neighbor looks like a short prep school barbie and that is basically what she is.

i want to know if my Internet will work from the hammock in my front yard but the battery needs to recharge.

people should not insult fencing in front of me, doing so could be detrimental to their health.

if not for homework school would be not only tolerable but enjoyable.

sleep is a huge waste of time but like my computer i need to recharge my batteries

Yankee fans always get defensive after the Yankees lose to the RedSox

it looks like unless I get most if not all of the girls votes i don't stand a chance of becoming captain but this Sunday i have approximately a 70 30 chance to beet Austin and a 60 40 chance to become an E ranked fencer so fairs fair right?

Doctor Who is the Star Treck of the BBC, and whats more it is way cooler much funier and even the oldest ones have better acters. it goes all the way back to black and white.

i have been wathcing the BBC's recent additions to the saga but latly i have been going back to try and get the whole story from start to finish only problem being that doing so means organizing cronologicaly all the videos on netflix that relate to doctor who and they don't have all of them. i know for a fact they are missing at least one of the more recant movies.

look even if you don't go back to the beggining with this series take the time to check out some of the recently made ones it is a really fantastick show.

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