Sunday, April 4, 2010


well yesterday was great. we went over to my aunts house around well i don't really know what time it was but it was light out for several hours after that so we spent that time rocking out at the top of our lungs and running around helping my aunt to get everything ready. then my cousin kyle and my other aunt and uncle and my good grandfather showed up around 6 and we ate dinner my aunt maid this amazing ham and i stuffed my face in true teenager fashion.

then we played pitch this awesome card game that probably goes by a dozen other names we had three teams of two my cousin Kyle and I were one team my aunt Cristine and my uncle Kevin were another and my Mom and aunt Debi were the third. my Mom and Aunt Debbie finished in the negative numbers. kyle and i had a hot streak at the start of the game but finished with nine points and my uncle Kevin and aunt Cristine won the game after exceeding the 21 points required to win. the game lasted to 11.

after that we watched the office until maybe one in the morning. my brother and i hid Easter eggs all over the place and had fun coming up with insane places to hide them. we all passed out on our appointed couch or bed and woke up this morning to watch Jonathan and Jackson scramble to find all the eggs. which even though it is now 2 o'clock they still haven't found them all. so yeah id say it has been a good 2 days. =^)

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