Saturday, April 3, 2010

Danger this picture may couse eyes to fall out of sockets

OK for any guys reading this slip your eyes back in your sockets this is picture is pretty dang cool, but let me start picking apart all the problems with it. for starters they would never let anyone fence in those clothes they would get so badly bruised. second she would definitely need a chest protector. third she is holding two swords and we only ever yous one. one of them is a saber and the other is an epee. by the way she is definitely holding that epee wrong. and could somebody please tell me what the heck she has on her arms there because i have no clue what that's supposed to be. and why the heck is she wearing a hood over her helmet?


  1. is it bad that when i saw the picture, my first thought was "is that even a girl?" 'cause honestly it was kinda hard to tell. i guess i'm just lacking the hormones ;)

  2. lol you know i can almmost see what you mean. but betwean the otherwise pointless black thing she is wearing, the really skimpy shorts, the build, and what you can see of the face. i can say with certainty that it is either a girl, or a guy who had a sex change operation, and LOTS of plastic surgery. but yes i suppose hormones do help pick out the differance.