Sunday, April 11, 2010

Everything Hurts

i lied you will have to wait for my post about fortune cookies so deal. today takes precedence.

Austin and I spent the Day at Trinity college. there were 11 foil fencers 2 strips and 0 qualified refs. I got up at 10:30 we left at 12:00, we got there at 1:30 we left there at 7:30 it was so SLOW an 11 fencer tournament should not take 6 hours!

about half the competitors were college students. which was interesting. there was this lady who was constantly butting into matches, telling the refs what they were doing wrong, and she really seemed to hate me! =( i eventually told her off because i was absolutely sick of listening to this lady bitch about how all my points were really the other fencers, and i am convinced she was mostly wrong.

so my physical state right now is crap my knee got stabbed hard and it now hurts to walk. i have 7 new red marks on my legs from were i got stabbed and for some weird reason it hurts to laugh right now. i did not take 1st and therefore did not get ranked even though i probably earned it. but i came pretty @#$% close i got 2nd place! =^D (nice shiny medal and everything) that C rank guy beet me in the final bout but all things considered i thought it was a great bout! for the first three minuets we were going point for point but then after the break i just couldn't keep it together. the final score me 9, C ranked guy 15!

last time i fenced a C rank i only scored 4 points so as far as I'm concerned today was a win even though we only got home at 10 and i am beaten battered and bruised i have a stomach full of seafood from red lobster and a medal to hang on my shelf so today is a win. =) i will get ranked one of these days i just need a tournament without any D or C ranked fencers to get in my way.

Austin also did well he placed 5th

oh and some of the college fencers invited Austin and i to join there 4 person team for a team competition on the 19th, may or may not go depending on when it starts and ends because we have school the next day but still =^)

i will try and be motivated to post pics tomorrow but it has been a long day and i need about 12 hours of sleep so goodnight

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