Friday, April 30, 2010

Day without my Meds

yeah I'm bad enough ADD that i take meds and today i could not get my meds because i ran out and had not gotten my prescription filed so it was a slightly interesting day

things to look for when i 'm not on my meds 1) shorter attention span (hard to tell because even when i get my meds it is still pretty dang short) 2) i have less tolerance for stupidity, idiocy and am more apt to be vocal about it 3)generally increased emotional responses

so how did it turn out well why don't i start by mentioning the most annoying jackass in any of my classes, Josh. and oh yeah he is in 4 of my 5 classes and sits near me at lunch (gahh man i hate him)

anyway he is completely annoying in English he trys to take everything literally he is always making references to family guy and for some reason he THINKS he is funny. well during English today he was talking while the teacher was talking AGAIN AND AGAIN AND AGAIN and i got fed up with it and told him to shut up. his response, "you shut up four eyes". bwahahaha so i said "what your a junior in high school and the best you can come up with is four eyes?!" bwahahahah oh man if that is all he can come up with he is worse off than i thought.

then at lunch when i was talking with Ben who is shall we say vertically challenged Josh who really annoys all of us said "hey Matt I'll give you 20 bucks to ride that midget" first i don't know why he was talking to me at all & this was not the first time he had said that (retarded jackass statement which by the way makes absolutly no sense to me) now with out my normal instinct to avoid conflicts of any kind i first told him that if he ever made fun of Ben again i would report him to the office plus some other non-specific insults that sounded very good.

then he started insulting fencing so i very edgily pointed out that his only sport is sitting on his you know what playing video games and that he is sitting at a table maid entirely up of people who know how to sword fight and that he is insulting our sport so he can shut up or leave. he then muttered that in his opinion fencing was not a sport but i think he got the point because that was the last i heard out of him.

so you know what I'm really considering taking my meds less often if this is the standard of what a day without them is like

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  1. sheesh, i'm gone one day and this is what happens? sorry i couldn't help you with it during study. i'll try to sort it out on tuesday. what an idiot.