Thursday, April 1, 2010


hey i have been going to bed at midnight all week so i am tired. which i have only myself to blame for unfortunately because i like being able to blame it on school. the fencing banquet is only a week away and anticipation is rising as well as several other emotions. the anticipation part is about who will be our next captain. right now as near as any one can figure the outcome is up in the air the new guys captain could be Tim Kevin Austin or yours truly.

Austin and I have a good chance for the same reason we both want to see everyone improve and are good leaders. Tim has a good chance because he is on good terms with most of the team. and Kevin stands a chance because the votes are so divided. so the guys captain is up in the air.

I'm not sure who the girls captain will be either but i am reasonably sure it won't be Erin she is to bossy about stuff that she should just let be. and on top of that she will only be allowed to practice on Friday unless her legs seriously improve. so the odds are against her.

um here is something interesting i heard from Tim. Kevin, our resident idiot and best fencer, may, no longer be attending our school. this would be great for my sanity but horrible for the team. he is like our safety net if for whatever reason something goes horribly wrong he is the one we can rely on to keep us from altogether losing.

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