Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Is It Any Wonder That I Love Kayaking?

well, just got back from the middle school lake my brother his friend the EGE and i went kayaking on the middle school lake. that was a lot of fun peace and quite and lots of people who couldn't help but stop and watch. =^) we had more people stop by to see the kayaking than we did stop by for the fencing meet. (eye roll) anyway kayaking is a lot of fun so peaceful and not only that but it is a great way to go to the fish instead of waiting for the fish to come to you.

for me kayaking and fishing go hand in hand. nothing to do but put your feet up and relax soak in the peace and silence and just unwind. why do i get such a kick out of peace and quit? because my Mom and brother are always fighting if they only have one fight i consider it a good day. so for me the chance to get away from my worry wort mom and my (every attribute that rubs the wrong way with me) brother.

to just have nothing to do or think about is about as good a vacation as i can imagine. luckily for me, we are camping in Main for a week this summer and there is a large land locked body of water which according to my aunt and uncle has excellent fishing.

so if i can slip away from the group so that i am not constantly fixing lines and baiting hooks, usually my brothers he is to squeamish to put a worm on a hook, ungratefully bum(eye roll). i should have some really good fishing and some really quality time with me myself and i. yeah i wont make the same mistake as last time and allow everyone else to dictate my schedule for me. gonna get up in the morning pack a lunch go fishing in my kayak and come back in for dinner! =^)

picktures coming later

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  1. Well, I'm jealous. I love any type of boat and kayaking at the middle school seems hella fun. :)