Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Fencers Quilt

so this Thursday is our fencing banquet which means i will be receiving the varsity letter that i have been chasing after these past two seasons. =^D everyone is supposed to bring in either a raffle basket our a $20 donation but my Mom decided to break the mold and is sewing a quilt to raffle off. it is a silhouette of the picture i attached to this post on a really nice greenish background that i am having a hard time describing. it looks awesome and i can't wait to see every ones reactions to my Mom's quilt but don't you dare tell anyone on the team it would ruin the surprise.

oh and on an unrelated random note Firefly has been added to the list of movies people can watch instantly on Netflix which means i will probably waste at aleast an hour finding out just how good the show was.

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