Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Fake Foil

i found this online and could not stop laughing the whole time i read it. maybe the EGE will use these directions to replase his fake katana.

"Here are a few steps towards building a fake fencing sword.

Step 1 Go to the automobile junk yard and find a loose car antenna. These make excellent blades for your fake fencing sword because of their ideal length and flexibility.

Step 2 Buy a school eraser and some super glue. Even though the fencing sword is going to be a fake, you'll need to have a safety tip on the end of the blade so that someone doesn't accidentally become injured.

Step 3 Find a large candle holder to serve as the sword's grip. These items are ideal because they provide a natural repository for the blade and are easy to hold.

Step 4 Seat the blade in the candle holder and secure it with super glue. Make sure the blade is firmly attached and will not wiggle free when it is picked up.

Step 5 Move the sword gently from its place once the glue has had sufficient time to dry. Even though your fake fencing sword may be fun to look at, it is not the same thing as a crafted piece."

haha they forgot about the bell gaurd =^)

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