Thursday, April 8, 2010

Banquet part 2

New girls captain: Erin. this is rather surprising to say the least. next year she will only be able to attend Friday practices, unless her legs make a miraculous recovery. do to the new rule which is mostly because of her ability to distract the other girls and Kevin from what they should be doing whenever she is sitting down.

New Guys/overall Captain: Austin: well i can't say i didn't see it coming I am still slightly disappointed but he will do a good job and besides which i still intend to teach whatever newbies we get next year everything i can.

Awards for the year well i don't really care to go over everything everyone was awarded so I'm doing my own awards ceremony right now.

Kylie: trooper award! for fencing for about a month with broken fingers and saving the girls varsity team on more than one occasion from being eliminated.

Colin, Zack: the cocky award! for your undying belief that next year you will make varsity i really do appreciate your enthusiasm but i will keep my opinion on your odds to myself.

Ben: infighting award!

Rob: uncanny ability to be very quite award!

Kevin: Terrible singing award! cocky award! empty headed award! unintentionally setting up amazing that's what she said jokes for the rest of us to make award!

Bronwin: violence award!

Erin: Distraction award!

Sarah D: Vengeance award! for finally becoming an offensive fencer!

Drew: What did you spend the season doing award?!

Timmy: Voice of reason and Sanity award!

Tim: Pervy jokes award! & the finally asked her out after 3 weeks of her hanging around to watch you practice award!

Sarah W: talking like a 5 year old to make everyone laugh award!

Andrew: linked at the seat award! for always sitting down next to Erin during practice when you should have been fencing

Austin: the came back home, got knocked down, got back up, dusted yourself off, then came out swinging award! for the full story read some of my earlier post about my varsity showdown with Austin.

Patrick: Insanity award! i have saved the best for last. Patrick held off challenging Timmy for two weeks leaving him only one chance to make varsity. he lost after what started as a terrific bout and then fell apart after 9-9. you practically drove me insane with your numerous complaints. you swore you were going to quit the team on more then one occasion. and yet despite the fact that you never fenced varsity you still out of the blue got your letter this year. =^) I really am happy for you Pat just incredible confused =^? and arguing whether or not its right for you to have your letter while simultaneously thinking hurray we really did both get our letters this year. so I'm not sure were i stand on this just yet but since you were as shocked as i was i guess i wont hold it against you ;)

i feel like it would be wrong to give my self an award so brief outline of season from my point of view. beat Patrick for my varsity spot in an incredibly tense bout. beat Austin to retain my varsity spot. fenced varsity at every meet, went to ECC's, States, and won the final amazing, dare i say fantastic, win at state teams to secure the fifth place spot for guys varsity. got my letter, a nice little pin to go with the letter, a cool medal that everyone got, and more confidence than the guy in those really annoying male enhancement commercials, i am now a USFA fencer and i am working towards getting ranked.

Coach Floyd: Words of Wisdom Award! you always know what to say to best motivate the team and always give good advice

Coach Aron: Basics Award! you always manage to pound the basics into the new guys and you do it early enough in the season that they have time to develop there own technique.

Coach/Armorer Ashly: Fix it Award! for keeping the every ones gear in a usable state for the whole season.

Coach Juhas: (sry the spelling is probably off but i know it starts with a J and that's the best i could do sounding it out) the support award you came to every event you could attend and were always very supportive of us. for which, i at least, am very grateful.

highlights for me tonight (not all good). on the slide show they had playing one of the slides was my blogs title and header. i have no idea were whoever made the slide show got it, because as far as i know only Pat ever read my blog, but i intend to find out. then here is the crappy highlight they had a bunch of Styrofoam swords and we had a free for all fight in the cafe and i retreated into and over one of Ben's little brothers. he then hit his head on the floor, hard, as a result which means i feel awful. i was retreating and he was behind me and i didn't see him and well i feel like @#$% about it. final highlight my Mom's quilt got auctioned off for $60.

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