Sunday, April 25, 2010


this is my true feelings about Homework. you see the fact of the matter is that teenagers, namely ADD teenagers like myself, are very easy to distract. I get distracted during the middle of the day at school. so how the heck do teachers expect people to focus on work when they are at home with all the wonderful distractions of computers, video games, TV, book, music, ect.

I mean lets face it the point of going to school is to learn, therefore when we leave school we should be returning to our personal interests. in my case that would be fencing.

the point is that homework is in itself a contradiction of terms when a person is at home the only work a person should have to do is laundry, dishes, mowing the lawn and any other jobs vital to keeping their house from becoming a mess.

honestly i would rather have a longer school day and no homework than have homework to bring back with me every day.

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