Thursday, May 27, 2010

Great day

i handed in my thesis paper which for some reason everyone now calls term papers no clue why the change. it was a page short but other than that it fits most or all the requirements. so that is a load off of my mind. i think my stress levels dropped within 5 minuets of handing that in. rest of English not so great kept falling asleep for 20 sec intervals. not on purpose, its just the heat & humidity made for a really good sleeping pill.

let me mention something about a normal lunch. "normally" Timmy's little brother Dru pisses me off every lunch on purpose. but today i turned the tied and pissed Dru off. very satisfying to see that smug little bum get frustrated.

kid i hate because he is annoying on purpose got thrown out of medals today for falling asleep so that was also good.

then i decided to hell with homework and basically started goofing off watched Transformers, was awesome, but i kneed to watch it again without my Mom and Brother interrupting the Movie all the time. mostly my Mom though, my brother was pretty good about it this time.

ah well i need to do my homework now but that's OK since i feel relaxed for the first time in weeks.

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