Sunday, May 16, 2010


just saw it for the first time today. i missed it when it was in theaters for some school or fencing related reason. anyway it has been added to my list of all time favorite movies.

i can see what the critics were complaining about but i want to tell them to shut up. so what, there was a native American type theme too the movie, the ScyFy behind it was as credible as Hollywood ScyFy can be and the whole thing was breathtaking, in an alien, Dinotopia sort of way. plus i love the big, red, dragon, lizard, pterodactyl thing.

my only complaint is that my Mom and brother either kept missing things and asking questions thereby making me miss things, or making jokes about that one line were they talk about mating. seriously never watch a movie with my Mom and brother they talk right through it.

P.S. want to apologize for atrocious spelling in last post was barely awake at time and forgot to hit spell check. it has all been corrected now.

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