Wednesday, May 5, 2010


OK so you basically know I live in Connecticut and if you did not you could have figured it out in about in 3 minuets with a few Internet searches. why am I bringing this up well i live about 15-20 minuets from Norwich State Hospital.

now after years of sitting there useless being off limits to basically the entire world which has completely failed to keep out, oh I don't know hundreds of teenagers every year. they finally, finally, let TAPS due an investigation in there and I just finished watching the episode air.

OH MY GOSH! the got a full one hour episode out of the Norwich State Hospital! I have never seen them get a full episode out of one location before. not that I watch all or even most of there episodes but still!

wow talk about some freaky but amazingly cool stuff! i love this kind of freaky stuff but then again you watch some of the other paranormal shows about demonic possessions and stuff and you kind of wonder if it's smart for them to be messing around with those poor (literally) lost souls.

they actually try to PROVOKE the spirits occasionally. call me crazy but I always thought that was pushing there luck.


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