Monday, May 3, 2010

We Are All Inheriting @#$%

Don't believe me? check out the news sometime. Mexico is going up in flames because of drug wars. the Earth is bleeding oil into the ocean faster than we can cope. Some guy threatened to bomb Time Square.

what the hell kind of planet are we really going to inherit from our parents well from were I'm standing right now it looks to be a pretty shity one.

I have read so many comments left online at Yahoo buzz written by people who are never happy with the government and never will be because it isn't there idea of perfect but you know what? that's how it is. it will never ever be every ones idea of perfect.

but since it can't meet every ones expectations here is a crazy naive idea that any 3 year old could come up with. STOP THE INSANITY

Everything that we need to do we know to do but we haven't done it. why not? because America as a nation, is both fascinated and terrified by change. we love the idea but we don't want to see it take place. sorry Obama, it got you into office but they won't love you for actually trying to accomplish it. (not saying i agree or disagree with everything or anything you want to change just stating a fact)

Mid West get over yourself and start installing solar panels and wind turbines and don't give me that bull @#$% about birds getting hit by the turbines or them being noisy.

Engineers get your heads out of your butts and find an alternative fuel source to gasoline, something that doesn't ruin the earth preferably.

Drug war people in Mexico, is it really worth the money to kill all those innocent people? you are selling your humanity for pieces of paper with numbers on them. it just is not worth it.

Big business owners you are taking advantage of Children! you have moved your company's around the world as country after country have declared underpaying children to do dangerous work illegal what if it was your kid risking getting their arm torn off in a machine for some almost nonexistent pay. how can you sleep at night?!

we all know what we can do to make a better world as individuals, as familys, as nations, as a species. Shouldn't that be enough of a reason? Just do it!

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