Sunday, May 23, 2010

My Weekend

so basically my weekend went like this

watched Dr. horribles Sing along blog like 3 time because it was awesome despite the name sounding lame.

spent a lot of time on reading "One Piece".

watched my brother play lacrosse, which is always great.

went to my uncle's birthday party and had to spend time around their "friends" some of whom are OK and some of whom are evil people hiding behind a religious veil. if that sounds dramatic I'm sorry but i need to explain that there are at least two very bad things that can happen because of religion, the first is that people who are, not exactly abusive but shall we say, they take excessive physical action in order to make children "behave", the second is that good people can become closed minded and except anyone who is devoutly religious as a good person without looking at there character.

both of those traits were evident at this party. i wont go into the details but i swear if i ever catch that guy in the act of doing anything harmful to my little cousins i will take full advantage of the opportunity and tell him "exactly" what i think of him, and if he gives me an excuse i will flatten that Bastard! Maybe having a teenager beet the living Crap (which i am assuming has replaced his soul) out of him will teach him to play nice with little kids!


this is driving me more insane than usual and i am totally giving myself heartburn all because my aunt and uncle have shitty choices when it comes to friends! Dammit!

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