Saturday, May 1, 2010


I'm not even 20 min into the movie Dune and i just want to say i already want to cry from disappointment. they have already omitted, edited, removed, and invented, so many major plot elements that i want to kill the director.

every fight seen was ruined. the knife duels, the force shield duels, the sword duels (they never even said may thy blade chip and shatter!)the Freeman had lazguns which oh yeah they never once used in the book! they absolutely destroyed the concept of the weirding way! all the stuff about the freeman culture was completely removed! the stillsuits had no face masks!

The Harkonans were portrayed as violent idiots! huge chunks of story line just disappeared into thin air! the Guild navigators were done all wrong! they didn't even come close to properly expressing the value of water on Dune! Hell they couldn't even do the ending right! this movie was as far from the book as it could have been while still using the same title. my lord what was the director smoking when he filmed this @#$%!

Never watch this movie! read the book but never, ever, watch this movie.

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