Monday, May 10, 2010

Global Warming my @$$

but wait no not even that!

alright first let me apologize to anyone who three years back or so i argued the validity of global warming with. this dose not mean that i except what we are doing to mother nature as not harmful, it just means that i admit the weather is getting colder not warmer and that global climate change was more accurate a title than global warming.

so yeah if that wasn't clear, i think we are screwing mother nature over and in exchange she is freezing, not warming, my @$$. it is spring and the temperature has been hanging around 70, although it had bounced up to the 80's for a few days a week or two back. we had turned off the heater, understandably.

however yesterday the wind had been a blowing and made it feel like it was 50 something out and this morning i woke up to a house that was around 54 degrees. (heater was turned off, hence the freezing theme) that old saying "don't like the weather in New England? wait five minuets" it is becoming more and more accurate every day.

it is seriously worrisome considering that is just the obvious small results in a harmless area from a weather standpoint. what happens with hurricanes and tornado's how bad or more frequent will that kind of weather become? we are destroying our planet and it is only a matter of time before our planet tries to return the favor.

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