Sunday, May 9, 2010

Stupid Physics Teacher

well huh. i haven't posted since Thursday. normally I'm much better about posting once a day but well you know. so lets see Friday was interesting.

my physics teacher was absent two days in a row so it was an improvement except for the work. he assigned a # of problems from our book for us to do in class on Friday except there were several small problems we haven't used our books in about a month and he did not tell the sub which chapter we should be doing.


we spent the first 15 min of the class trying to figure out which chapter to do and reaffirming the fact that he would fail us all if we chose the wrong chapter. why did it take so long? because there are about half a dozen chapters in that book relating to electricity (the subject we have been "learning" about)

we finally settled on chapter 23 but there was one problem, we did not know how to do any of the problems in chapter 23 or any of the other problems in any of the other chapters relating to electricity for that matter. so i spent half the class taking educated guesses for the problems that required words to answer and writing in 42 (the ultimate answer to life the universe and everything) for the problems that required # answers while leaving the unit of measurement blank.

if we don't all fail that assignment i would be absolutely amazed.

i then went to my brothers lacrosse game they lost but it was a good game and they had a rally towards the end my brother is a defense man and i love watching him, literally, knock the other team off their feet =J what can i say I'm proud of my little brother.

then we rushed back to the high school in time to watch the students who were performing the star wars cabaret, including Laura and my friend Tang walk off the stage. so yeah we missed the hole thing but we did try to get their.

oh and unlike a lot of teenagers i decided to skip Prom this year. Why? because it is awkward i don't like grinding or even watching people grind for that matter. so why spend money to stand around in a freaking tux just to feel uncomfortable when i could be at home relaxing in a pair of shorts and a t-shirt. i guess I'll have to go to the senior prom otherwise i will most likely look back on it some day and regret it but for now I'm content too just stand outside the fire.

if anyone can actually figure out that reference i will be absolutely amazed.


  1. "Standing Outside the Fire" by Garth Brooks.

    Haha, I love that song! You make my day by mentioning it!

    I actually went to prom. Because I can't abide standing outside the fire...