Friday, May 14, 2010

With One Hand Tied Behind His Back

I watched another of my little brother Sean's lacrosse games today they were doing so well (final score 12 to 4) they put my brother on attack. at one point this kid about half Seans height who must have been a middy charges Sean while he was trying to pick up the ball so Sean sticks out one arm and just pushes the kid back with the one arm and the whole time the kid is still trying to run at my brother and it was like my brother was saying "hold on I'll be with you in a sec." =J

absolutely fantastic it was so funny, my sides hurt from laughing and i wasn't the only one, our whole side of the field was in stitches. priceless absolutely priceless that is one of those fond memory's that I'm going to hang onto for a long time.

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