Thursday, February 11, 2010

The Big Meet

hey that's right our big meet is in just 2 days away so i am pumped. my only concern is that i have been fencing mostly against the JV and novice first year fencers and that as a direct result my fencing is getting sloppy i need to work with the better fencers tomorrow no offence to the rest of the team but i sure am not going to have as little trouble with the other schools varsity squads as i am with the new guys again no offence but really fencing Timmy's younger brother today i disarmed him three times and he blamed it on his leg! ha ha anyone care to explain to me the connection between leg and hand? anyway i think that may be coaches only mistake this year putting the varsity up against the JV so often after all we are not very likely to see pendulum Parry's (wider than windshield wiper parries, and yes guys i just made that up) against other varsity squads. The exception being the bulldozer kid i talked about in the blind refs bluff post.

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