Friday, February 5, 2010

Blindfolds and Eyes

Hate to have lied earlier but I'm still awake. i went to see students on stage earlier tonight and it was awesome had a few friends in it and there was a bunch of Nerf gun wars that looked liked a load of fun! =^D it was hilarious! anyway back to the title. today during practice we revived blindfold fencing we haven't done any blindfold fencing in a while but today we did only it didn't go so well for coach Ashly see apparently the two people who were first up Zack and Matt Conway (Conway is a freshman in collage who came by for a visit) anyhow they were in a bit a of a hurry to get started because before Ashly could get clear or said "fence" they started fencing and one of them did a realy wide parry, resulting in Ashly getting hit right below and to the right of her left eye with the tip of the foil. When she stopped holding her hand over her face you could see the red mark on the edge of her nose and below her eye. She was literally centimeters from losing her eye. I am posting this as a reminder of the danger inherent in all things, but perhaps nowhere more so than in stupidity and action without thought.

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