Tuesday, February 23, 2010

GO ME !!!!!

yep you guessed it i am officially out of my slump and thanks to some advice from coach Floyd i am fencing better than ever i also got Austin to critique my fencing. we fenced for at least an hour straight and he gave me lots of good advice! only thing that went wrong was towards the end i was getting really tired and i was so happy to be out of my slump that everything started to sound absolutely hilarious so i was laughing like an idiot for most of the last 20 + min. even though during those last 20 + min i was so tired and dehydrated that my everything was falling apart again. hahaha oh and get this there was apparently a deadline for when the coaches could submit the names of their three fencers for this weekend and since they could not wait the round robin to determine who would go and who would not was cancelled and instead we are sending the three fencers who had the highest scores over the course of the season. so the fencers are in this order Kevin, Austin, and yours truly!!!! I'm fencing states!!!! states are this Saturday and guess what day States also happens to be on? =^) MY BIRTHDAY!!!! =^D oh yeah that's what I'm talking about!!! I'm going to get myself another cool t-shirt for my birthday last one i got had a little image of to sabers crossed and the words WARNING FENCER in black and yellow. this time i think i will get the one that says DEATH BEFORE DISHONOUR and has a picture of a guy holding a foil in front of his face, but i might get a different one there are lots of good t-shirts to choose from and lots of other fencing crap i don't need that the vendors will be selling. =^)

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