Monday, February 15, 2010

Varsity update

hey i just realized that i haven't mentioned the varsity team in quite a while and i should probably give an update. right now the Varsity squad is myself (i made it through the whole season without getting knocked off go me!!!!) Austin as i mentioned beet Tim out of his spot Kevin is technically still on the team but he went to the junior Olympics this weekend and therefore did not compete in the meet we had on Saturday. Tim fenced in his place. then Timmy managed to remain on the team for the entire season congratulations Timmy. that just leaves states and ECC's ECC's are decided by who is on the Varsity Team at the time (i think) and States are decided by which Varsity fencer has the best percentage when it comes to points scored over bouts fenced (i think, could have the two mixed up) so now the Question is who goes and who stays although it is my understanding that Timmy has senior privileges and therefore cannot be challenged. weather or not that is what is best for the team is not my place to comment on or decide.

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