Sunday, March 7, 2010

Fencing Fact: 11

Fencing used to be done with a sword and a dagger style knife. However i am not sure if that was just how they fought duels to the death or if that was ever actually part of the sport, or for that matter if it is just a concept that Hollywood cooked up years back and is now generally accepted as being accurate because it has been seen too many times in bad movies. If anyone knows the truth of this matter i would love for them to leave me a comment to clear up the subject because i am seriously not sure about this one. That said fencing with a long and short blade would make the sport much more difficult, and much more interesting. Unfortunately it would also make refing nearly if not completely impossible and therfore will never happen.

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  1. There were various weapons used in duels. Sword and dagger, sword and buckler (really small shield), sword and gauntlet etc. For the most realistic period style fencing done today for fun look up the SCA (Society for Creative Anachronism). I haven't been in years though and I'm not sure what the rules are if you are under 18. They worry about lawsuits so they try to make sure no one gets hurt.

    For fun check out the 1931 Cyrano De Bergerac movie with Jose Ferrer as Cyrano. The fencing parts are great. Actually, the movie is great but slow by today's action standards. Back then actors had to know how to fence, and Jose was good.