Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Rain Rain Here to Stay Never Ever go Away

OK as you may or may not have heard from one of my friends the whole @#$% state is flooding!!!! thanks to which we got out of school at 10 o'clock!! my back yard is usually a swamp with a foot and a half wide stream running through it right now the entire swampy part is flooding and the stream part is alternating between 4, and 8 or 9feet wide and depth maxes out around 8 to 10 inches in most places only 3 or 4 inches but still!! did i mention our buss was leaking! this is insane there are roads were you can't see the road and the storm drains just can't keep up with it all! this morning the middle school lake was at about 3 and a a half feet deep and had spread about halfway across the field. which means i am going back to middle school for a kayaking trip as soon as the rain stops!

on the down side my mom has forbidden me to go and check out our new back yard swimming pool. which is ridicules because i tested the current with a stick and despite the impressive size it is not very fast running, but my Mom, never one to listen to reason refuses to allow me this adventure. i am convinced she still believes i am 5 which is driving me insane.

swap the 2nd and third pics and you have a view of my back yard from left to right.

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