Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Telivision: the endless disapointment

I believe humanity has finally lost all its creativity and or intelligence. there is literally nothing on TV these days i remember when i was 7 or 8 i could sneak down to the basement and watch either something violent on cartoon network something funny on Nickelodeon or something interesting on animal planet or discovery

now, most times i turn the TV on, get disgusted, and turn it off again. Cartoon network is doing dumb shows with kids in them and playing Pokemon whatever there up to now reruns, and the only good thing on Nickelodeon is Spongbob, ever since the crocodile hunter died animal planet has gone to the dogs, hahaha sorry couldn't resist the pun. =^) and discovery only plays stuff worth watching at night

not to mention my personnel favorite Chanel SciFi sorry i mean SYFY, cant tell you how many people are pissed about that by the way, has chosen to play a bunch of cruddy movies morning noon and night, instead of playing the vast repertoire of TV shows which they have at there disposal and which are infinitely more interesting and exciting then the movies they play. by the way SYFY i hate horror movies (only kind you ever play) and for the record half those movies don't even qualify as science fiction!

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