Wednesday, March 17, 2010


well i have to admit i am running out of things about which to blog with the season over my inspiration and source of amazing fun facts is running short if not dry. on the upside of things i have just remembered another fun fact to be posted at a later date, and Austin Walker offered to give me a lift to a small non school tournament this Sunday that i will most likely be attending i checked out the list of people who registered ahead of time i know several of them. one of them is the guy who knocked me out in my first DE bout at the ECC's hope i get a rematch.

more importantly though there will be several E, D, and even C, ranked fencers attending about half a dozen total that should make things interesting especially since on my best day i might just be able to pull of a lucky win against an E ranked fencer with a bad head cold. but seriously any ranked fencer is out of my league when fencing at there best i hope that i can improve enough to change that by next year but the odds are against that unless i can practice more regularly.

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