Tuesday, June 29, 2010

baseball game

went to Navigators, uh, Defenders, uh, Connecticut Tigers baseball game tonight. went with Mom, Brother Two of my three sets of Aunt's and Uncle's two little cousins and a younger Cousin who is basically my age.

new cousin ID idea going to refer to them as the oldest being #1 and youngest(currently) as #7 so i was with cousins 1-3.

saw Mandachan working hard and said hello, also ran into Erin from the fencing team. I ate a ton of junk food and had a great time. also little cousin 3 was hilarious when he hung out with the new mascot. pictures may come latter but no guarantee because I'm going camping in Main in 4 days so things are going to get hectic very shortly and pictures take forever to load of my camera.

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