Friday, June 4, 2010

I'll reed anything good

over the last few days i have spent no clue how many hours of free time on I'm not a manga nut or anything but lately:

i haven't felt like playing video games that much. no fencing possibilities until my brothers lacrosse season ends. nothing worth watching on TV. haven't found any good book series that i haven't already read or run across any new books in a series i like.

so i have worked my way through like 4 series at one most of those only have like forty chapters though so it's not as much as it sounds like. thing is i will read anything if i like the story and with all the different series they have it's pretty much impossible for a bookworm like me to limit myself to justs one or two. plus i love not having to read entire paragraphs describing landscape and what each character looks like and stuff.

overly, imaginative, bookworm + free, violent, funny, awesome comic book things = one happy camper =)

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