Wednesday, June 9, 2010

light at the end of the tunnel

OK first my schedule mess worked out much better than i had imagined so yay! =)

in metals i have almost finished my last project which i will hopefully be posting a picture of later on. =)

physics final is tomorrow, Friday and I'm not sure what to expect but i rock at physics so no worries right! =)

CAPT test on Saturday "JOY",

Dinky metals final on Monday,

then finish off with finals in Precalc and English on Tuesday, then I'm home free! =)

also i scored really high on being neurotic on a personality test thing, as in more neurotic than 99.3% of the people who took it. =( I'm not surprised to find that I'm more neurotic than most people, but i never thought i was THAT bad. so from now on i am going to try and be as positive as i am when fencing all the time =) today was day one of my attempt and i had a better day than usual so. =)

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