Friday, September 10, 2010


Impressions from the fair.

First of all the more the merrier although it is best when the more are your best friends. Tim and Tang and Patrick were all not there. so i did a lot of walking, and met up with a lot of my friends who aren't my best friends. including EGE, mandachan, and Laura, Laura and the EGE do not seem to understand the concept of not challenging a fencer to anything resembling fencing, how silly of them. I did ditch them on several occasions when they started long conversations about stuff I knew nothing about. I also met up with a bunch of people from the fencing team.

Carnies smoke a lot

walked a lot

the rides don't do a lot for me you know? fear is one of several emotions that I just don't do so I don't really get an adrenaline rush from going on the rides which is why i think rides are better with more people at least then you have somebody to lough with.

When a cute girls asks me if I want to buy a balloon answering no is not something I seem to be capable of doing.

final thought. PDA's are awkward for the rest of us. I'm sure that those involved are enjoying themselves, judging from how they go at it, but watching a pair of girls necking is just a tad bit disturbing to watch.

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