Friday, November 5, 2010

Internet Duel

I met another fencer through my new favorite manga site cloud manga. anyway we got into a long debate about whether or not Naruto was more likely to hook up with Sakura or Hinata, whether we thought Naruto would die before that question would ever be answered and what was more likely based on the style of the manga. also about whether or Naruto is not as good as it used to be. I was the one saying it's starting to get dull which it is they had an 80 year old with a bad back flying a turtle the size of an island around. I'm sorry but I think even in a work of fiction that is a new level of baloney. baloney^10000000000000 or something like that.

cough, cough...... anyway.

point is it got obvious that neither one of us would admit that we were wrong, and I got sick of the argument so I decided to say "screw this and for making me waste all this time arguing with you oh brick wall for brains and seeing as we both fence I challenge you to a duel" well OK not those exact words but it was to that effect. problem is he lives on the other side of the country so meeting for a friendly bout seems out of the question. so I came up with the plan to make a chat thread on the site's forms title it duel and every time we go to a tournament keep track of points we scored, and points scored on us. then subtract the number of points scored on us from the number of points we scored. and divided that by the number of bouts giving us an average in this way we can compete by trying to beet the others average.

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