Sunday, November 7, 2010

tourny results

there were 16 fencers. but nobody got ranked for strange reasons beyond our understanding. Austin placed First Tim placed 2nd Bronwynne placed 6th and yours truly came in third. =) kept track of my scores and things I need to work on will probably edit this post later to tell the whole story and relate scores in the meantime i have to go post on my Internet duel and see who is winning =).


OK so I'm winning my Internet duel both in total average and in highest average. true we only just started the duel a few days ago, and the total number of tournaments is three, and only one of those is mine, but I'm happy with that regardless. =)

I believe the reason no one got ranked was actually because there were no ranked competitors which no one could do anything about because it was a novice tournament to begin with. in other words ranked fencers were not allowed to compete.

I came in third at the tournament because I lost to Tim in the semifinals but it was all good because we both enjoyed the match. on the other hand i did not actually get to fence for third place so third place was actually a tie because they did not hold the bout which i was ripped about because I wanted to keep fencing.

I'll post some of the pics that i got from my coach over the 4 day weekend so look forward to them.


  1. Unless there has been a recent rule change that I'm aware of a tournament with 16 competitors should have been a group D1 and the winner would have gotten a D and 2 throuhg 4 an E UNLESS it was age restricted to cadet under 17. If it was under 17 some of the participants would have had to have certain classifications before the tourney. The rules are in the USFA operations manual which is online. Sounds like you will have no trouble getting a classification soon, though.

  2. the tournament was not age restrictad, I beleive the reason no rank was awarded was actually do to the fact that no ranked fencers were in attandance, however I never found out for sure. thank you though =)