Wednesday, December 15, 2010

and the surprise was

Kevin's coach from RIFAC (Rhode island fencing academy) came down and gave all of us a lesson. now this guy is good, I mean he trains Olympic level fencers! so needless to say he gave all of us a lot to work on so it looks like were gonna be better then ever! hell coach says he saw improvement just between the beginning and end of practice!

also semi related side notes, fencing shoes came in yesterday and even though they are only the decant fencing shoes the difference between these and the shoes I've been using is so amazingly obvious I can't believe I wasn't using these sooner! what the hell was I thinking?! anyway they have much better grip except that we fence in the cafe which is disgusting I had to keep wiping my shoes on my socks to get the dirt and whatever else off of them by the end of practice my socks were half white and half black. disgusting

still waiting on the foil grips and blade bag but since I need to have at least one foil by Saturday (my one surviving old foil is being repaired by Bronwin's fencing coach because our armorer had no clue what to make of the damn thing) I asked coach to lend me one of his grips (same style) so I could cut the tang of my new blade to the right length which I did. however I don't feel confident about setting up the electric part so I left that for Armorer Ashly to do tomorrow, which should take all of 10 seconds.

Final note Dru, Zack, and Ben all need to try talking less, as in much, much less, and they need to learn that not everything they say needs to be a joke. jokes are like seasoning guys if you go overboard with them then it just ruins everything.

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