Sunday, December 5, 2010

I think I'm in

I've done well in all my bouts so far and I have definitely proved that I'm on level with Tim, the only other favorite for the actual varsity squad left for me to fence is Austin the other two I have yet to fence are Ben and Colon both are aiming for the substitute spots. Colon is supposed to be my first bout on Monday. I'm really looking forward to that bout but first things first and the first thing is healing my back.

see I have this nasty habit of leaning forward when I lunge and I strained my back on Friday because of it. so this weekend I'm taking it easy. rest and recuperation you know?

now something interesting that was brought to my attention recently is that my style has done a 180. when I first started fencing I took things slowly played defencive and waited for the opponent to make there move. then took the parry repost. but lately my style has changed, shifted away from defence and moved more towards offence. this has met with mixed results my forte is still defence so switching to offence has proven a little difficult, but I'm improving and this change is not without reason Tim's style has gotten far more defencive lately stepping away from offence entirely. so in order for the bout I fence against him to progress at all I've had to just go for it.

not only that but at the USFA tournaments I've gone to, even though I haven't gone to many yet, I've noticed more and more that the top fencers fight offensively. Sure they need to know defence and man are they good at that as well but they have this drive to go after the touch that's what makes them the best they want it so much they can't sit still and wait for it to come to them, they make there own openings create there own chances, if I want to improve I need to be like that.

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