Tuesday, December 7, 2010

I'm on the squad

the varsity squad will be Kevin Austin Tim and yours truly in no particular order. but seeing as we are supposed to meld as a team all I'll say in regards to that is that I did not come in fourth this year =)

The substitute fencers are in this order Zack and Patrick. additionally Colin will be serving as a third substitute, the subs will be practicing with the varsity squad partly so that we can whip Colin and Zack into tip top shape for next year.

I'll refrain from further comment until a later date as I don't want to give away anything Important ;)

now I need to go and order some equipment mainly fencing shoes and a couple of new grips.


  1. congrats! :)

    (like the new background, too. usually i just read it on google reader and don't see the actual site, but it looks good)