Friday, December 3, 2010

Varsity bouts!

OK so the battle for the four primary and two substitute varsity spots started yesterday and I didn't post because I was mentally exhausted and could barely form a complete sentence.

so I got to practice and coach tells me he fixed my blade. I get on the strip for my first 15 touch bout against Zack and it doesn't work, Yellow Card. score five points my back up blade breaks in half. two yellow cards which means red card which means Zack gets a point, lots of running around change body cord from bayonet too two prong type the body cord so I can use the blade I borrowed from coach, body cord doesn't work, another yellow card Zack gets another point. finally get all the necessary pieces of equipment am not at all in the zone and I start fencing again. I won 15 to 10 and Zack scored 8 touches. not to bad considering it took me a minute to get back in the zone after all my stuff breaking.

my next bout was against Tim who is by far my favorite person to fence don't know why but fencing Tim brings out my best never understood why.... Anyway I get out there and I'm doing less than stellar. at one point Tim was winning 13 to 8

then I noticed something. every other or every third time I did a retreat he looked down at the floor his eyes stoped looking at me entirely!! so then it was game on again! I would advance until I was just about in range then retreat a half step and watch his eyes and when they flicked down to the floor BOOM! ADVANCE LUNGE! Haha I kept doing that until the score was 14 to 13 Tim was still winning at that point.

anyway I am so fixed on what I'm doing that I don't even look at the clock, it's a fatal flaw of mine. anyway Tim caught sight of the clock out of the corner of his eye and realized there was almost no time left so he played on that and just kept baking up making sure to make it seem natural. I didn't pick up on it at all so I keep looking for an opportunity to attack but nothing was showing up and then bzzzz time was up bout over. so I lost by a point because I wasn't watching the clock. but I'm not upset it was a great bout and I fenced at my absolute best so I'm not upset. actually I was really happy even when I realized what had happened.

It looks the varsity bouts will take 3 or more days to finish but that's OK after my bout with Tim I am feeling more confident.

finale note for yesterday has nothing to do with me actually it's about Colin last year he fenced JV and this year he had his sights set on one of the two varsity substitute spots he also has his hopes pined on becoming captain this next year well he fenced rather porelly yesterday and was really feeling depressed several of us tryd to cheer him up but no luck well apparently when he got home yesterday he practiced every move he new until 10 or 10:30 that's the kind of dedication you normally only see in a manga. I have to say I'm damn impressed with Colin's response to all of this and I can't wait to fence him.

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