Saturday, January 29, 2011

ECC Champions!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

we won! we beat NFA and Fitch! we went 8 & 0 the perfect season!

you had to be there to feel the raw emotion running through everyone I just can't put it into words. I couldn't do it justice so I won't try. but let me tell you, it was the greatest moment of my life thus far. an absolutely unforgettable experience.

Tim and I each managed to secure two more bagels today meaning that our infamous bagel contest ended in a tie which you know what I don't mind at all in fact I think that's the best ending possible. with I believe 8 apiece.

I only lost 2 bouts but I beet Won-he who I have fenced on several other occasions the only thing that really got to me was that in my final bout for the day my hand seized up on me. I'm not sure if that is what caused me to loose or if it was just a bad match up for me. the point is it took me a couple of seconds just to loosen up my grip enough to let go of my foil. IT REALLY SUCKED! but then we won and I forgot all about it so it doesn't really matter.

after we won and the inevitable celebratory hugging everyone in sight which we definitely went nuts doing because I'm sorry but it was just so absolutely necessary =)

um right so lets see after we won I had no voice left and I also had the insatiable urge to spend more time with my 2nd family so we all went to Valentino's, the local pizza restaurant and pigged out, laughed, and had a hell of a lot of fun =D it was a great party and seeing as we had a few people missing it makes me really look forward to the end of season party. but not too much so because I really don't want this season to ever end. I just want it to go on and on forever. it really is a shame that it has to end. but we still have ECC individuals, State Individuals, and State Teams to look forward to so hey should be fun right =)

anyway after pizza and soda I went home showered (because boy did I ever need it) and had myself a nice nap before heading to the movies for a date (which I think went pretty well)

all in all today has been an absolutely perfect. so good night world and thank you for this amazing, unforgettable, perfect, day.

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