Wednesday, January 19, 2011

School and Sports

this time of year is when students thoughts turn to final exams. but not only to finals but also to sports, and scholarships, and fafsa, and college applications.

I have a grand total of one of these things done. that being my college application

the final schedule changes every other day.

I haven't even started looking for scholarships.

My Mom keeps telling me she is working on fafsa which I quite honestly don't even try to understand because it involves taxes et-cetra.

my coach is concerned about the amount of energy we are putting into our meets because one member of the varsity squad, who happens to be our captain, named Austin, see what I'm doing here starting out like I'm not gonna point fingers and then totally pointing fingers? yeah that's because I'm annoyed went and blew two bouts the other day because he went and fenced like he didn't give a shit which apparently he didn't. now coach is concerned that if we go up with that kind of half assed mentality that it could end up screwing us over when we come up against St. B's, Fitch, and most important of all NFA.

He could be right. we have the best team, and the most experience. but we feel safe we feel secure we are all confident bordering on cocky. Austin has already crossed the border into I don't give a shit land. Kevin can't focus when faced with a shitty ref. which leaves Tim and I doing are honest to God best. why are we trying so hard? because we couldn't care less about the ref, and my ingenious if I do say so myself self motivation strategy of holding a bagel contest with Tim keeps us competitive.

for the record the stress is slowly vaporizing my brain

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