Thursday, March 3, 2011

Finally beet Kevin!!

yes I finally beet Kevin and it wasn't a close score oh no it was 5 2. I kept waiting for him to try and flick me then I moved so that we would be flicking air and popped him! I've been trying to do that for three years now so to finally pull it off and as naturally and fluidly as I did was just really, really, awesome! anyway that means that I have now at one time or another beaten everyone on our team with just 1 day of practice left before the end of the season I can finally say that I have beaten everyone on the team.

also another major plus I am no longer ticked at Colin! he finally realized that while yes he is a great fencer he is not better than me, at least not yet anyway. he had been going on about it for a few days which really ticked me off so to finally hear him being humble was very nice. anyway we had a great bout and it's all good between us again which is great because when his ego isn't through the roof he really is a cool dude.

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